Thursday, June 11, 2015

Almost What I Ate in a Day!!

Apple, carrot, ginger juice
exotic smoothie
Lettuce wraps!
That smoothie was really yummy. Smoothies are like soup in that it's a good use for some fruit that might be a little past it's prime for eating whole. I had another banged up nectarine, a mango that was almost too ripe, plus some dragon fruit. Add some frozen banana and a perfect smoothie is born. For the lettuce wraps, I just baked some tofu, cooked some jasmine rice, and made a coleslaw with some rice wine vinegar, crushed red pepper, and a little coconut sugar. I made a dipping sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, agave, and crushed red pepper. I love wrapping and dipping my food for some reason. I also like meals where I don't really use forks, just my hands. I just realized I almost showed everything I ate yesterday! The only thing missing is a veggie sandwich I had for breakfast, and a little chocolate that I had at night.
It seems that Beyonce has gone and made people mad again. Good Morning America had a tease with Beyonce, and they said she had a big announcement, which made her fans get giddy thinking she was pregnant, releasing a new album, etc. Instead, the announcement was her talking up her plant based diet, and also The 22 Day Revolutin, by her trainer Marco Borges. They of course also went into business together and launched the plant-based meal delivery service. It's unfortunate that the media is using the word vegan. Although the food is vegan, Beyonce is not a vegan. She has stated this many times over. She has never asked to be a face for veganism, and I think the critiques and judgment she's getting is unfair. As far as Marco Borges, I am currently reading his book, and he certainly doesn't talk of animal rights at all. So far he has briefly mentioned environmental issues. He is mostly coming from a pure health perspective. I've noticed vegans and non-vegans trying to pounce on Beyonce for pictures and videos of her eating meat/cheese dishes. My guess is that she relies on plant based eating for her figure. I'm sure she flits in and out of plant based eating, as she has never said she is a vegan. I have never seen or heard of Beyonce having any companion animals, and judgung by her leather and fur usage, animals aren't a super high priority of hers. Unfortunately, not everyone cares about the life of animals the way others do. While I will never be able to understand that, I have to accept it and work around it. Beyonce is a super duper star. She is talented, and gorgeous, and people want to be her/look like her. If she is telling America. I get this bod by cutting out all animal products, and hey bonus my skin is awesome too, well that is saving animals lives whether she cares or not. Beyonce also isn't like other celebrities that trash the vegan diet/lifestyle. She always gives this way of eating the highest praise. We need all kinds of faces and voices and perspectives to show how truly accessible, healthy, and most importantly delicious foods can be without animal products. Even if more people start going one, two days a week without animal products in their diet, it's a start. The truth of the matter is I have now seen Marco Borges a few times on different mainstream media outlets, and like it or not he is treated better than others I have seen who speak of vegan/plant based eating. I don't care why you don't eat animals, I just care that you don't eat animals.

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