Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Ranting

I'm having a really hard week. It started going downhill on Saturday, and then Sunday winter decided to rear it's ugly head again. It's just dumb little things, but they just keep happening. I now know what the saying "my nerves are shot" means. I feel frazzled. I'll give you an example, Monday I put my garbage and recycling on the curb where I do EVERY WEEK, and I don't know if the snow covered/camouflaged it, or what but they didn't take my stuff! And yes, they took other neighbor's garbage, and yes my sewer/trash bill is paid. Things like that, along with the hideous weather is really making me struggle with any type of cheer.
I find winter to be completely unacceptable. This is the long stretch of winter that I really loathe. I've come to the conclusion that winter makes everything worse. All of life's little inconveniences seem SO MUCH BIGGER!  Life is far too short to spends MONTHS of it hating it, and hating the thought of being outside, in the elements. I believe all animals, including humans need and should desire to be outside at some point in the day. UUUGGG! Where I live, there is easily three feet of snow on some sidewalks, and even where there is less snow, there is the thickest layer of ice. It's like a death layer dip. As a pedestrian, I've learned to seek out the snow, it serves as a buffer from the ice that will knock you on your ass.
Am I the only one who is just OVER IT?

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