Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Chocolate!

I was at Wegman's about a month or so ago, and this beautiful box of chocolate caught my eye. It said peanut, strawberry, baobab in dark chocolate. I first checked to see if it was vegan, (yes) and decided I couldn't not try this. Any company who makes such a bright, beautiful package has to make delicious chocolate, as far as I'm concerned. I figured I'd find out what a baobab is later.
Fast forward to last night, when a mad chocolate craving took over my body. What I like about this chocolate is that inside the beautiful box, there are three individually wrapped 1 oz. bars. I;m a fan of individual wrapping. The chocolate is rich and smooth, smoother than many other dark chocolates I've had. I loved that it had tender pieces of dried strawberry, not the almost crispy dehydrated berries. And the peanuts were chopped, and added a nice texture. I had to research baobab, which I found out is a common name for a tree in Africa, and Australia. It produces a fruit that is apparently very high in all things anti-oxidant, and super foodie. According to the baobab website, it's the queen of the super foods. From what I read, it seems like it is dried and used in powder form for the most part. It apparently has a somewhat tart taste, almost like grapefruit. Honestly, I did not taste anything tart in this chocolate, so I can't speak yay or nay on the baobab. But I can say all the yay's to this chocolate. The name of the bar is j coco, made by Seattle Chocolates. I can't remember exactly what I paid for this, but I know it was pricey, over five dollars. (It was my splurge) But I will splurge on this again, without a doubt. Every part of this bar is a treat, it is beautiful, the wrapping of the individual bars is adorable, the taste is out of this world, and I got to eat a super food?  This is the kind of chocolate you want if you've had a bad day. Whoever made this chocolate is very thoughtful, and it shows. I enjoyed milk chocolate in my pregan days, so I really appreciate when I can find dark chocolate that is smooth, and somewhat creamy. If you ever see this chocolate at your grocery, try it, you won't be disappointed!

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