Monday, February 23, 2015

The Hulk of Teas

I used to be a hardcore caffeine addict. I started sneaking coffee from my  mom's coffee pot  when I was twelve years old. As an adult, my coffee addiction only grew. When Red Bull hit the scene, I was all in. At one point of my life, I was a barista by day, cocktail server by night. So I would drink coffee all morning, and slam at least two or three red bull to get me through the night shift. Super healthy, right?
About seven or eight years ago, I decided to say bye, bye, bye to coffee, and switch to green tea, and or yerba mate. While both of these do still have caffeine, I don't feel a slave to the caffeine the way I did with coffee. And I can easily start my  day without tea and not get a crippling headache.
I've experimented with so many different teas throughout the years, and within the last year or so I discovered Matcha green tea powder. Matcha is a high quality green tea ground into a fine powder. You whisk it with warm water, and it becomes this frothy, delicious green tea. Once you've made the tea, you can blend it in the blender for thirty seconds with a splash of your favorite plant milk for a perfect Matcha latte.
The health benefits are abundant. Matcha has vitamin c, selenium, and magnesium. Chlorophyll gives it it's rich green color. Chlorophyll is a super hulk of a detoxifier. It helps remove chemicals, and heavy metals from our bodies. It also has vitamin A, various amino acids, and even fiber!
I buy The Republic of Tea u matcha natural powder. It's a splurge for sure, but it lasts a very long time. I use no more than half a teaspoon per cup. In the winter I enjoy it warm, latte style, and in the summer it makes great iced tea. I make big pots of ice tea combining matcha, and hibiscus tea. Yum. Will I ever drink ice tea again? Anyway, if you haven't already, try adding matcha to your tea routine. I feel like I'm giving my body the good stuff.
I forgot to mention, if you find matcha a little too earthy, add a half teaspoon to your smoothies. You won't know it's there, but your body will!

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