Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had a very nice experience yesterday at the grocery and it also ended with me learning something, so I thought I would share. I was perusing the shelves, and I saw a couple looking at gluten free pastas, and they were clearly beyond confused. I wanted to offer help, but at first I was too shy, thinking I should just mind my own business. I started walking away, then I just went for it. I asked them if they would like some advice, and I thought they were going to hug me! So, I gave them my opinion, and they went on to explain that their daughter who is a college student, and athlete is dealing with some food allergies/sensitivities. I  introduced them to daiya, as dairy is something she is avoiding. They were so open to vegan options, and were sponges. It felt so great, as I am used to boring people when I talk about food and nutrition. I was also able to suggest a few vegan websites and YouTube channels that deal with food sensitivities, and of course veganism. I feel the two go hand and hand. I truly feel like even if I didn't love animals the way I do, I would still be a vegan just for the love of myself, and my health. And I have to wonder about food sensitivities and animal products. It's not like factory farms are known for being sanitary, ethical, or humane. And I doubt they feed the animals top of the line anything. I've read some pretty scary stuff about what they do feed the animals. You are what you eat eats. It was wonderful, because I helped them, and they helped me! They needed information, and I needed to feel useful, helpful I guess. I wanted to talk for hours! I forgot how much I love to talk about veganism, and food, and how vegan food is beyond delicious, and how you can truly heal yourself through food. The lesson I learned is don't be afraid to talk to strangers. We are so in our own little worlds, with our faces glued to our phones, we barely are having any interaction with the people we know, let alone talking to new people. It felt nice, and I genuinely feel like I helped them, and possibly their daughter. It was a positive exchange of energy, and I loved it! And I also felt like I was able to promote if not veganism, at least quite a few vegan foods, yogurts, cheeses, etc. into the conversation. WIN.
On a different, but still groovy vegan note, I noticed Boca, and Morningstar Farms had a few new vegan items added to their frozen line. Morningstar had a roasted garlic and quinoa burger, and little veggie nuggets, made with cannellini beans, quinoa, and of course vegetables. Boca had little "chicken " sliders. Clearly both companies have gotten requests, and the demand was high enough that they listened. ANOTHER WIN!

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