Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Coo Coo for Coconut!

I made it through Snowpocalypse 2015 last week with barely an inch. But the last couple of days has been shall we say a bit snowy for my taste. The winter blues are in full effect! So, last night feeling chilled, blue, and just all around blah, I decided I needed a spicy curry in my life. My body was screaming for the spice, and I needed something in a sunshine yellow sauce. It also gave me a chance to try a new to me product. So Delicious makes culinary coconut milk, in little re-sealable containers. Which is so great when you have a need for just a little. I've read enough about BPA's and etc. in cans to make me really try to avoid them, and I can't always afford the organic canned coconut milk, so this container is awesome!
It comes in original, and lite. The lite is pretty similar to canned coconut milk once you've shaken/stirred the cream and the water together. It made for a wonderful, creamy and comforting curry.
The original is pretty thick. It could be easily whipped into a whipped cream, or a very rich, thick icing/frosting (are they the same?) for a cake. It's so thick it does not pour, it must be squeezed.
This is a great product, and it will be a pantry staple for sure, as I love curries. I purchased mine at Giant Eagle, and I paid $2.49 per container, which is around the cost for a can of regular coconut milk, so it's a fair price. Being able to store it in the fridge for multiple uses is very handy.
I found this in the baking aisle, close to sugars and oils, so keep your eye out for it, it might not be with other canned coconut milk. This is yet another example of a company just hitting it out of the ballpark with amazing vegan products! If only my coconut curry would have taken winter away!

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