Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sippin on Seeds and Juice

Wow, I just made what I thought was going to be a strange tasting juice, but it is actually delicious! I made carrot, grapefruit, and ginger juice right in my blender. I added enough water at the bottom of the blender to get it going, three large ruby red grapefruits, and about an inch of ginger. I blended for under a minute, strained through a mesh strainer, and bam! Liquid sunshine! I don't know about anyone else, but oranges have been pretty pricey this year in my neck of the woods. This week my grocery had a sale on grapefruit, which led to this delicious, sunny juice. Carrot, orange ginger has always been one of my favorite juice blends, and I am happy to report that grapefruit is a great substitute citrus! The grapefruit and ginger do overpower the carrot, so next time I might try two carrots. It is a really beautiful color too. It's that orangey pink that you see around sunset on a beautiful summer night.(manifesting)
Winter is not giving up at all, so I've armed myself with an eight pound bag of ruby red grapefruit, and a bag of hempseeds.(my splurge) Hempseeds are pricey little seeds, as are all foods considered to be of the "super" variety. But I know that like Chia and flaxseed, hempseeds are very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are  important for your brain. when I make my Chia "elixir" which is just a tablespoon of Chia seeds, the juice of one lemon, and 16 oz. of water, I always feel a little healthier, and happier. I have tested it out multiple times, and without fail it is a mood lifter. If your feeling winter funky, I really recommend trying this drink. I try to remember to make this for myself at least twice a week. And although I love the health benefits of a big glass of green juice, nothing makes me feel zippier than a big glass of fresh squeezed citrus juice. The ginger and carrot are just an added bonus. Ginger wakes up your sinuses before you've even taken a sip. Bonus if you have kitties who like to bug you in the kitchen like I do. It's like kitty  karma, as cats hate the smell of citrus. They scrunch their little noses and squint their eyes, and leave the room in disgust. It's pretty funny, and just adds to the overall experience.
If you're dealing with the wrath of winter, stay warm, and drink juice!

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