Saturday, February 21, 2015

These are the Moments of our Lives

I learned an important lesson yesterday that I thought I would share. My day was overall pretty craptastic. Winter rages on, toxic co-workers and even more toxic customers. But, yet today I feel much lighter than I did yesterday, and I credit my yoga practice yesterday. I've been practicing yoga for years, so yesterday achieving this pose that for years has been out of my reach really meant something to me. You see, I was really starting to feel discouraged about many things in my life, and feeling like I was fighting a useless battle. But that one little pose shifted my thinking, and I now feel like not only am I coming over that hill, but I will continue the journey. Watching all of these unhappy, unhealthy people last night just pushed me towards the light. I don't want to be them, I want to be happy, and healthy, and there are a million more yoga poses to master.
The lesson I learned is to hold on to those moments in your day that are amazing, if you hold on tight enough, they will help you battle the rest of your day. And nothing can take those moments from you, they are yours. Sometimes things happen so quickly, it's easy to forget about them, or just disregard them. I think it comes down to making a choice to focus on the good. I had a table last night at work that was so rude, and high maintenance I gag just thinking about it, and the worst part is they tipped four dollars an a forty five dollar bill. Weak. I work at a private club, so it wasn't like this was some hungry couple who were super nice, but short on cash. These are people who made a choice to be terrible, and then tip under ten percent. Usually I would have been more upset, but as Taylor Swift sings, I was able to "shake it off". I thought of how miserable they must be to be so nasty, and just chose to not let them ruin my yoga high.
Progress, not perfection!

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