Saturday, February 14, 2015

Little Rays of Hope

I've done my fair share of complaining this week about some vegans reactions to Beyoncé's meal service, so I thought I would end the week on a high note, and talk about some positive happenings in the vegan world. First off, while watching The Young Turks, I heard a discussion between three meat eaters who all agreed that the best thing for their health, animals health, and the earth would be to go vegetarian, or vegan. It made me really realize we are making progress, even if it's not as fast as we would like. It wasn't too long ago when anyone talking of going veg, or vegan would be the set-up to a punch line. They all seemed to blame their dietary choices on a) a love of fast food b) being familiar with meat, and not being sure how to make the change c) they didn't seem ready to make the commitment yet, maybe even a little fearful. That is all totally understandable. Being vegetarian or vegan is a commitment for sure. And at first it is a little daunting. I remember when I first went vegan, I couldn't believe the extra time on my grocery trips, reading all the labels. It's a lot to take on at first, especially if you also have family, partner, friend resistance. As more and more information is being put out there about the hell of factory farms, even people who aren't hardcore animal lovers are realizing there is a serious problem. So, I feel hope, because you have to start somewhere, so as non-vegans allow the thought of going vegan to enter their minds, it can become a reality. Some people go cold turkey, others it takes awhile. But there is a shift, I feel it. I've been feeling the shift for awhile, in little ways. We seem to be less of a target for a quick laugh. And to me, that is a big deal.
It's so easy to get discouraged, and feel like we're not making enough of a difference, and it's so easy to get into arguments over how vegan someone really is, but what matters is making a difference for animals. And I believe that despite of ourselves, we are getting somewhere.
If Valentine's day is you thang, I hope you have a great one filled with love, and even if you don't have a sweetie, I hope you do something loving for yourself.
I'll end with an another appropriate yogi teabag quote- "You are unlimited"

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