Friday, February 6, 2015

Oatmeal just got Real

For years I've been a savory breakfast person. Lentil or miso soup, or a pudla, something savory. Since change seems to be something I'm really working for, yesterday morning I decided to switch it up and make oatmeal for breakfast. I recently discovered that I really love steel cut oatmeal. I like the heartier, firmer texture. It seems less gloopy. FYI- if you have a store with a bulk section, oats are soooo much cheaper in the bulk bins, especially steel cut oats. Normally oatmeal is pretty straight forward, nothing to write home about(ha), but I added a little zing to my bowl yesterday that really made my oatmeal sooooo luscious, I'm having it again today!(I never eat oatmeal two days in a row-ever!) I talked the other day about the newish culinary coconut milk from So Delicious. I made a curry using the light, and I still had a container of the original, which is super thick, like a thick whipping cream. I decided to add some sliced banana, cinnamon, maple syrup, and a dollop(or two) to my steel cut oats, and it was the best bowl of oats EVER! The thickness of the coconut milk made the oats ridiculously creamy, and mixed with the banana, and maple syrup, was the perfect amount of natural sweetness. Oats are something for me that I rarely eat, and when I do I always think, those were good, then I forget oatmeal exists for six months. Adding that little bit of creaminess made me stop, and think, why am I not eating more oats. I think today I'll try it with strawberries. Strawberry and cream oats? Sounds good to me!
I know I've talked an awful lot about all things coconut this week, and I apologize if coconuts aren't your thang, but I guess this was my week for new coconut product discoveries, and I like to spread the good word, and I guess the word this week has been coconut, and seitan bacon, of course!
Another little cool tip about the original coconut milk: it gets even thicker when you stick it in the fridge, after a few hours, it is like a stand alone whipped cream! And no, I am not being paid in or by coconuts!

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