Thursday, February 5, 2015

BLAT goes the Vegan!

When I was cleaning my fridge the other day, I noticed a package of Sweet Earth Hickory & Sage smoked seitan bacon in my crisper drawer! I think I bought this back in November, or early December. I knew I needed to use it before March( the use by date) so I decided to make myself a good old fashioned vegan BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato), on my fave Veganic bread!
I have all good things to say about this new to me vegan bacon, so I want to get my only gripe out of the way. It is a pain in the arse to open, and the bacon is in a slightly saucy, oily reddish sauce, so use caution. The sauce color reminded me of products that are chipotle or Andouille style. So, have scissors ready, and don't wear your favorite shirt when opening! On to the good. First of all, as your cooking it the smell is like nothing I've ever experienced. My kitchen had this rich, savory smoky smell, minus the heavy fat and dead flesh. My kitties were milling around like what is happening here. I knew it was going to be something special as soon as it hit the pan. It's quick cooking, I cooked it in a pan with a smidge of coconut oil, for maybe three minutes per side. It got crispy around the edges, and had a delicious chewy, but not too chewy, bite. I loved everything about it. I could really taste the hickory smoke, and also the sage. I had a couple of pieces alone, so I could really give an educated review! It made an epic sandwich, with Just Mayo, avocado, romaine, and thinly sliced tomato. Yum. It was a perfect "summer" type of sandwich that I needed to lift my spirits yesterday, when I really needed it. This is by far my favorite vegan or vegetarian "bacon" out there. Sorry tempeh bacon, you need to have a seat. This will be something that becomes a regular splurge item. In the summer, when tomato's are super juicy and sweet? That will be when the BLAT's are really out of this world! It would be great chopped up in a salad, or in pasta. I'm sure it would be amazing paired with a tofu scramble, and some toast. I couldn't remember how much I paid, but it seems the average price is between five and six dollars for a package that has eight slices. I am on a tight human food budget, so this is a splurge, but more than worth it. Sweet Earth appears to be a vegan, or at least vegetarian company that prides itself on a natural approach. I feel a strong urge to support these vegan companies who are making such outstanding products. Not just for those of us who are already veg, but stuff that is so tasty, it could make a carnivore stop and realize that you can eat tasty food, and be compassionate. I honestly give this seitan bacon all the thunbs up!

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