Friday, October 24, 2014

You Say Potato, I Say Dinner

Even though I have been eating more cooked foods with the cooler temperatures, I have still been eating  high carb. I know that a lot of people, including vegans really focus on protein, and I have read both sides, people who swear we need a lot of protein, and people who swear we need a lot of carbs. Sine I decided to try the Raw till 4 life so many months ago, I have been eating high carb, as is recommended, and I feel great. I noticed almost immediately more energy, and I felt lighter, less weighted down. Some of that light feeling was definitely from so much raw food, but even now with more cooked food in my diet, I still feel higher energy. I think that we are all different, and we all thrive in different ways. I believe people who say that they need more vegan protein to feel their best, but I believe people, including myself who do better with a little extra carbs. I think if you eat a well rounded diet, (vegan of course) and are somewhat conscious of getting enough fruit and veg, I think for the most part you will do well in life, better that the people who follow a standard Mcdiet!
Anyway, I say ALL of that to say that I am always on the lookout for new potato recipes. Veganomicon  to the rescue! I went to the library the other day to get HTML for Dummies(!), and they also had Veganomicon, so I had to get it. Well, I noticed this little recipe on pg. 109 for Lemony roasted potatoes, and I was all in. If you have this book and you haven't tried these, you should do so pronto, and if you don't have the book, I suggest either your local library, or of course the recipe is also online. The potatoes are so zingy with lemon and garlic and oregano, and it is really easy. They do have to bake in the oven for awhile, mine took almost an hour and a half, but the prep to get them in the oven took under 10 minutes, and then you are free to do whatever while they roast away! I had mine with a salad of romaine, and lots of banana peppers, and a red wine vinaigrette, and it was such a delicious dinner, and I felt so fancy! I will be making this recipe over and over for sure. The next time I make it, I'm going to add a little crushed red pepper to the mix. And this meal is so cheap, and it required nothing fancy, so all around, a real winner in my book. I have three different recipes so far that I am going to make from this book. The next recipe I am making is a creamy kalamata spread that is made with soft tofu and kalamata olives! I know that there are a lot of newer cookbooks out, sometimes I can't keep up, but this one is a proven classic, and I'm not able to afford every cookbook that I want, so I appreciate that my library even has vegan cookbooks at all!
If you are ever looking for a little potato dish, and you like lemony, garlicky food, seriously try these potatoes, I know they will be a hit!

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