Monday, October 13, 2014


I have to accept the fact that once again I have nothing cheerful to say. I have been sitting in front of this blank screen for a long time, and I just want to whine, cry, and pound my fists. I guess I want to tantrum. As I have unfortunately mentioned multiple times, I live in a city where racism is extremely prevalent. I can't say I've gotten used to it, or accepted it, but I guess I thought at least I had kind of "heard it all", and maybe wouldn't be so affected by the hate. Well, I had not "heard it all", and Friday night at work a co-worker was recalling what I'm sure she thought was a charming little story that involved something her twelve or thirteen year old son said, and it is so effing offensive I won't even repeat it, but I seemed to be the only person who did not find it charming. It's so sad that racism keeps getting passed down, I find it more sad that her young son feels this way. I've heard her use the word many times, so obviously this kid has grown up with that word, and all the hate that goes along with it. And let me tell you something I have learned about racist people, they carry hate and intolerance for many things, not just people who have a different skin tone. They scare me, and that hate is palpable, and sometimes I'm more able to let it bounce off of me, but wow not this time. It's very hard to feel so isolated, I don't think I've not had at least one co-worker or friend that I could share my outrage with, but I don't. And although my feline friends abhor racism, I can only have so many one sided conversations before I really feel like I'm losing it!
I guess what I'm trying to say to anyone who reads this, give your non-racist co-worker a hug, even if he/she is a gossip, annoying, know it all, etc. If they don't have a hateful heart, give 'em a hug!

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