Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Needed a Chit Chat Apparently

For any singletons out there, I'm sure you also battle the cooking for one syndrome. Almost all recipes are for at least 2 people, most are for 4 or more. I understand and accept this fact. I'm sure many reasons factor into this imbalance. Regardless of the reasons, over the years as my cooking skills have improved, I find that I look at recipes more for ideas, than I kind of just adapt. I like leftovers to a degree, but I have a personal preference of  three days or under to eat the leftovers. I feel that after the third day all flavor and nutrients have left the food. And I like a variety in my diet, I cannot eat the same thing over and over. Even when I'm super broke, and all I can afford are lentils, a couple of onions, and a carrot, you can believe I am going to make as many different things as I can out of those ingredients. And nothing frustrates me more than when I do follow a recipe, and it ends up being just okay, and meanwhile I have all of this to eat. I prefer for the most part to create my own, and even if it is just okay, at least I have only one serving to eat. Sometimes when recipes I see have fancy/expensive ingredients, I also don't need the reminder that I am so low on the totem pole of life, that I can't even get an ingredient for food! I try to make food enjoyable, as I have already wasted enough of my years with really screwed up thoughts and actions regarding food. I find cooking and eating to be very calming, and relaxing, and I want to always keep it that way.
Two recipes I have found that I do like to make and follow full instructions are Snobby Joes from Veganomicon, and vegan baked beans, which I don't have a recipe that I'm loyal to, I usually just Google vegan baked beans, and whatever recipe uses ingredients I have on hand, I make! I am loyal to Snobby Joes. The reason I like these in their full form is that I can change them up. I make baked beans and have for dinner one night, then for the next couple of days I have beans on toast for breakfast(which is so delicious by the way), and also baked beans stuffed inside a baked potato with some nutritional yeast sprinkled on top YUM! Same rules for Lentil Joes, sandwich for dinner, on toast for breakfast, or in a quesadilla. Also, snobby joes are great as a topping for a baked sweep potato. That's my idea and suggestion for bulk cooking for one, make a pot of your favorite beans, and use them many different ways, for example garbanzo beans, use for hummus, no-tuna salad, as a topper for a green salad, tossed with garlic, crushed red pepper and pasta. Then you don't get bored, and you also have something already made that you can plan a meal around. I think beans are not only a vegans best friend in terms of nutrition, but they are the wallet's best friend too!
Wow, my intent was not to write all about beans, but I just went with it. I woke up today feeling very isolated and sad, now I feel a little better. I guess I just needed to chatter.
I guess my original point was going to be that it can be frustrating to cook for one, but with a little practice and try, try, again attitude you can cook for one, be broke, and still have some variety in your life.

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