Friday, October 3, 2014

Coconut Oil Can Save us All

As I've mentioned, I use coconut oil as my skin moisturizer. I have really noticed a huge improvement in the condition of my skin, especially compared to when I was using store bought, man made lotions.
When I bust out the coconut oil for cooking, or moisturizing, Dylan, the Daiya lover himself, is always going crazy begging for some coconut oil. He likes to lick it off my hand, or if I am ignoring him, he is not above licking my legs like a true addict!! At the grooming shop one of the owner's dogs also like to lick my legs. I never thought coconut oil would harm Dylan, or Eli, but I wasn't sure if it was beneficial either. I just figured it tastes good to them, cause coconut oil!
Well, apparently humans aren't the only people who benefit from all the wonderful fats we keep reading about. It makes so much sense now, because funnily enough, Dylan has always loved avocado too. Coconut oil can disinfect cuts on skin, and improve the cat or dog's skin and coat condition. It can also help deodorize your dogs coat!! From what I've read, most people mix it in with the pet's food, I'm hesitant to try that with Dylan, if he were a human child, his food would never be allowed to touch, but I put some in a little dish, and let him lap it up! He is getting older like all of us, so I have definitely noticed some differences in his skin getting a little drier, and he has developed a few sensitivities, so I am so happy to have discovered coconut oil. I even read that coconut oil can help your feline friends doggy or kitty breath! The fats in the oil are also good for our furry friend's brains just like us!
I am by no means a vet, or any kind of expert, I can only speak of what I have personally witnessed myself, and Dylan's skin and coat have improved greatly, and he loves it so I'm happy. And if you Google coconut oil for your furry friend, you will be amazed at some of the true stories out there.

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