Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Eat Greens, I'll just Take a Pill

Something that drives me absolutely up a wall, then back down is when people treat themselves so shitty, and start having health problems, and they say things like, "well that's what happens when you get older", or "well, if it's what god wants", etc. I hear so much of that where I work. I have a 62 year old coworker, who is a bartender that will come to work with bronchitis,  and still chain smoke, and complain that the antibiotics aren't doing anything, because she is not feeling any better?! Last week another coworker was having issues with her gallbladder, and she decided to stay after work and drink, because she wanted to test her body and see if it was gallstones, or her gallbladder!! And then said, well I'm getting to that age when things start to fall apart! She is 47 years old, not exactly ready to be put out to pasture. The alleged chef at my job has to weigh at least 500 pounds, and is one of the most toxic people I have ever met in my life. Any stereotypes of a "jolly fat man" are washed away after two seconds with Russ. He is always having one health problem after another, and again, it's just "one of those things". I don't think I have met one person in this city, young or old that isn't on some kind of medicine, and man I have heard of some weird illnesses and disorders that I never knew existed. I don't believe that your health has to go to shit as you get older, and I don't believe you have to shrivel, and wrinkle, and be unhealthy, and unhappy. I believe we can be vibrant as we age, and still be well oiled machines if we choose to take care of ourselves. And I'm not even talking in an expensive, bougie  superfood kind of way. I'm talking by just trying to get some natural nutrients, eating in a healthy way that feels satisfying to you, and trying to make your life as non toxic as possible. I have loved Dr. Andrew Weil since I can remember, he's a pretty famous naturopath, and has many books on holistic health. I think I discovered him on PBS like a million years ago. Anyway, he is 72 years old, and I swear he looks the same now as when I first discovered him. He absolutely glows with health and vibrancy. When I think of anyone, famous or not who really gives a crap about their health and body, they glow, you want to be around them, at least I do, but when I see these hacking, crabby, chain smoking, whining about aches and pains people, I want to run as far far away as I can get. It makes me wonder if western medicine has created this way of thinking, people think they can be as unhealthy as they want, cause there is a pill, or surgery to fix it. Or, if all else fails, as my dad says, he knows where he's going when he dies, so bring on the quarter pounder and fries. I'm not a religious person myself, but I think God probably wants people to take care of their bodies a little bit right? I also have to laugh, because we are so judgmental of people who commit suicide, but when you are chain smoking, and you have bronchitis, or you've had multiple heart attacks, and still pound in the cholesterol, aren't you just committing suicide at a slower pace? I used to commit suicide on a daily basis for many years. The fact that I'm still alive, and to the best of my knowledge I have my health, is a freaking miracle. I feel so bad for my poor body, I was really an abusive asshole. But I do know that we can heal through food, and making as many non toxic choices as possible. Life is tough, and we all go through a lot, and what I have discovered is that when you are taking care of yourself, you have so much more strength to deal with it all.
I am by no means an expert, I can only speak from my own personal experiences, and I have overcome a lot of disorders, depression, and all around toxic lifestyle choices by starting to really look at my diet. I can't remember the last time I have taken any kind of pill, other than a vitamin, and I can't remember the last time I have had a headache, stomachache, etc. I do still battle depression obviously because I'm not happy where I live, but it's not the same kind of taking over your life kind of depression that I have experienced in the past. I notice on days where I'm struggling a little more, I will drink some lemon water with chia seeds, and for whatever reason that helps. I enjoy nerding out and reading various macrobiotic and holistic books and finding remedies. Unfortunately when I try to pass along my little gems, I don't get a lot of interest, but whatever, they can have their pills, surgery, and botox, I will have my delicious, vegan food and yoga and good thoughts.

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