Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Highly Recommend

I've been craving a really good cream of broccoli soup for awhile. I've tried to make it myself in the past which was a fail, and I've tried a few recipes that have been just kind of ho hum. I came across a recipe for a vegan version of Panera Bread's cream of broccoli soup, and it looked really good. I've never eaten at Panera, but I know people love their soup so it seemed like a good recipe to try!
This is the cream of broccoli soup of my dreams. It is creamy and rich, but not too rich. I added two peeled and diced potatoes because potatoes!
This is the recipe I followed. I followed it by the book except for the potatoes. I was feeling a bit down and I needed this hug!!
I also made some gluten free sweet potato biscuits!! They turned out AMAZING!! I used this recipe. I didn't add fresh sage and thyme, I used a bit of dried because that's what I had. I also used coconut oil instead of vegan butter. I also made my own sweet potato puree!! I'm not a biscuit expert, but these were really tasty to me!! And they went really well with this soup.
Sprouts has their own line of kombucha, and it's on sale this week so I picked one up to try. I chose peach pineapple and it is delicious! Pineapple is the predominant flavor, but the peach is definitely lingering in the background. Highly recommend!

This is the exact look Kiki gets before she starts stalking Bubba. Her little ears go sideways, and she just cannot relax! He is getting a little bolder, which seems to annoy her even more! I'm hoping she goes into acceptance phase soon!


  1. That soup looks amazing! My mother always put rice into broccoli soup when she made it, so I'd probably want to throw some of that in, too. Sorry you're feeling down, but I'm really glad you got to have some good soup! WITH BISCUITS!

    1. I think next time I will add rice because I love broccoli and rice casserole!!
      It was a real treat having biscuits!!!!

  2. Oooh, love cream of broccoli. And as much as I hate fall, I do love that it means soup season!! Of course, it's still 100 degrees here, but soon ...

  3. It's still pretty hot here too, but it's closer to soup season which is the only good thing about fall and winter!

  4. Oh Kiki! What a miffed little face!
    Your soup looks like a perfect hug in a bowl.

  5. Your cream of broccoli soup sounds incredible, especially with those sweet potato biscuits, yum! And oh my goodness, Kiki's face!

  6. Kiki is adorable! The soup sounds great! And I need to get my hands on that booch!

  7. Hey Hillary! I was offline for a few days and was just catching up on my blogs. That soup looks incredible! Broccoli cheese soup was a favorite in my "pregan" days (when I first went vegetarian), so the link is appreciated. Hope all is well.

  8. Missing your blog. Hope you come back soon!

  9. Oooh broccoli cheddar soup with biscuits sounds perfect! What a comforting meal!

  10. Hey Hillary. I'm with Jennifer and Carole. Missing you, your meals and your kitties. Hope you're doing okay out there.