Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Pick Three!

I got some really fun things at Trader Joe's yesterday, and I will show the full haul tomorrow for Midweek Munchies, but today I wanted to really focus on another Pick Three. All three things happen to be from Trader Joe's, so it's perfect!
So much better than dried!
I first noticed these noodles on my move to Seattle. I believe it was a Trader Joe's in Minnesota, or somewhere like that. Anyway, I saw these and hoped that Trader Joe's in Seattle would have these so I could try them! I love rice noodles, and I almost always have some form of dry rice noodle in my pantry. Lucky for me my local Trader Joe's also carries these! If your interested, they are in the packaged section near the ravioli and other fresh pastas. The fresh noodles are so much more tender, and have an amazing texture. The package has two individual packets that serve three people, and they cook in two minutes or under. I forgot the exact price, but I know they are under two dollars. I love these things!
More vegan jellies!!!
I think it was my last Trader Joe's haul that I found the sour gummies that were vegan. Imagine my surprise when I found these! Does anyone remember the Sunkist gems? I used to love those, especially the white ones which I think were grapefruit. Well, these remind me a lot of those gems, minus the weird food coloring and questionable ingredients. These are a really tasty treat, and I appreciate being able to find gummy candy that's vegan, and affordable.
I'm bananas for these treats!
I saw these, and they were new to me, and I wanted to try something fun. These are magical! The frozen banana slices ae cold, and almost creamy, and super sweet, and go really well with the dark chocolate. I am going to have to try to recreate this myself. Seems like it would be pretty easy to do, and cheaper. But, in the meantime these weren't too expensive, and it's a really great treat. I think it would be really great for parents, it seems like a fun finger food that ittie bitties would really enjoy!
I can't say enough about Trader Joe's. After being away from them for so long, I have an even bigger appreciation. They have such fair prices and they are even fair on the organic prices. In some cases there is no difference in cost between conventional and organic! And I always find the employees to be beyond helpful, and very positive and nice. And, as a bonus, they don't have the car shopping carts that take up half of the store!
Vitamin A&C to the rescue!
Here's a bonus picture of a delicious tangerine, orange and carrot juice I just made myself. It's another grey day, and between my life and the grey, I got THE BLUES! But I find a big glass of some kind of citrus juice cheers me up.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thanks so much for participating and helping out! I LOVE seeing your PICK 3's and MidWeek Munchies! Nice! I did a smoothie this morning and I'm going to challenge myself to do at least 5 a week M-F that is

  2. Thanks, and your welcome! You are brave to drink smoothies as the weather cools down! I struggle with smoothies in the fall and winter!

    1. Then I follow it up with a hot

    2. The only way to handle it I'm sure!

  3. So lucky! Why didnt I buy those CC Bananas when I had the chance??!!

  4. I remember they used to have the whole chocolate covered banana, I think it was on a stick maybe? I don't remember these from when I lived here before, but man are they good! I'm going to tinker around with making my own, so if I succeed I will share the recipe!