Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Man With a Pizza Grabs a Seltzer..

This video is a lot of what I love and admire about Cenk Uygur. I love when he rips into the typical man. I'm talking about the men who are so neanderthal by nature, there's pretty much no hope. I love it when he just breaks it down, and shows how weak and small minded those types of men are. I guess I love it so because I have known so many of those types of men. Shudder. Men who are true feminists are just the greatest!
I had some leftover green chili sauce from my post break-up burritos, so I made a green chili pizza last night! I used Trader Joe's pizza dough, and topped it with the green chili sauce, some trader Joe's vegan shreds, white beans, and green onions. I don't know if I've ever had pizza with green chili sauce before, but I loved it!
Before baking!
Trader Joe's pizza dough is such a great deal! It's like a dollar give or take, and it really makes a nice pizza. Pizza dough is easy to make, but with all of the rising and resting time, it can be time consuming. This dough just has to rest for twenty minutes, and it's ready to be baked!
After baking!
I don't have a round pizza pan, and it just seems like an unnecessary expense, since a square pizza tastes the same! Plus, it's much easier for baking/rolling/shaping challenged people like myself to form a square or rectangle than a circle!
I also wanted to mention this seltzer. I used to drink La Croix way back in the day, like late nineties, early two thousands. Back in those dark days the flavors were plain, and lemon. Maybe there was a lime, I can't remember. I always preferred lemon. No one really drank it back then, and in the town I lived in you could only find it at one store. I see tons of people buying La Croix now, and it has a gazillion flavors. I've tried a few of the newer flavors, and I thought passion fruit was my favorite, but now that I've tried coconut, passion fruit has to have a seat. This isn't coconut water, it's seltzer with coconut flavor. It has a light coconut taste, not too strong, and coconut goes really well with fizz! I like to have some kind of carbonated water in my fridge for those times when I just am so bored with flat water. Fizzy water helped me get over my beer habit. I found myself drinking more soda at first to help with the carbonation cravings, and I realized soda isn't any better for me than beer, so I started relying on seltzer water. Anyway, if you see this flavor of La Croix, try it, you won't be disappointed!


  1. I recently picked up some La Criox and it was Grapefruit Flavor! Pretty good!!!!! I got it for super cheap at ALDI. Totally LOVED the video BTW...nice! And...MidWeek Munchies is UP and I emailed you about it too :) That pizza deal sounds great as well!

  2. Grapefruit is the one flavor I'm having a hard time finding! It's one of my favorites! I'll checkout the MidWeek munchies! Sorry I missed it today!

    1. No worries! The linky will be open from Wednesday to the following Tuesday so you can really link up when ever. I'm thinking for the code for us co-hosts any time on Wednesday and/or Thursday because it's still MidWeek, ya know!? The more the merrier :) Thanks!

  3. Agreed; square/rectangular pizza is just as good, if not better, than round pizza! Yours looks fantastic! :D