Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lots of MidWeek Munchies!

I have some really fun treats for MidWeek Munchies! I had to go to the evil, dreaded Whole Foods to get a kombucha starter, because I have been missing brewing my own booch. I love and hate Whole Foods because they have such awesome stuff, and are so freaking vegan friendly, but I loathe them because of the cost. Anyway, I kind of did the yin and the yang yesterday, and got some goodies at Whole Foods and Grocery Outlet. Balance. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel very out of place at Whole Foods. I'm a klutz, and anytime I'm at a crowded thrift store with lots of knick knacks, or in any kind of dainty place I get the worst anxiety, because I just know I'm going to knock something over. I feel that way at Whole Foods. Like I'm much to poor and unpolished to be there.
I'm excited to start brewing again. It's so much cheaper to brew booch, and it's super easy.
Can you even stand it??? 
I have been dying to try this kite hill cheese since I first heard of it. Do you know what's really cool? They keep the kite hill vegan cheese right there with all of their super expensive, super fancy dairy cheeses! It's the only vegan cheese in that area! The cheese person, specialist, expert whatever they call themselves said he tried it and really enjoyed it. he said the rind on this vegan brie is exactly like dairy brie! Amazing! I also spotted their yogurt and had to try it. I find vegan yogurt to be a difficult thing for me to like. It seems like vegan yogurts either get the taste right, and the texture is off or vice versa. Kind of like me with homemade veggie burgers. Ha.

So, remember the super dark days of Road's End being the only boxed vegan mac and cheese option?
Well my friends, the sun does in fact come out tomorrow. How can we not be encouraged by this? There is clearly a demand for this, and it's not just coming from us vegans!
Krabby patties vegan style!!
I remember last year seeing a review of these ice cream treats, and feeling all boo hoo because I was living in Erie PA. not exactly a vegan mecca. Well, look at me now! I scored these at Grocery Outlet, so I even got them at a great price!
This Ritter bar with Marzipan is hands down my favorite new chocolate. The sweet marzipan goes swimmingly with dark chocolate.

The top picture is last night's dinner, which was a gardein chipotle black bean burger with some chipotle Just Mayo, and a salad with this AMAZING vegan ranch dressing. I often feel guilty because Follow your Heart's veganaise is the original vegan mayo, and I used to love it so. But Just Mayo stole my heart and my loyalty forever. Well, I may still grab Just Mayo for my sandwich needs, but Follow you Heart has stolen my heart with this ranch. Have you tried it? The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is how much it actually smelled like regular ranch. It smelled herby, and tangy. And guess what? It tastes herby and tangy, and zesty. It has that tang like buttermilk ranch used to. It's just the right consistency too. All of the thumbs up Follow your Heart. I just realized I should have made the burger look prettier in the picture, but I was so dang excited about the salad! Oh vegans!
I was hoping to make it to the vegan food truck today, but I checked their schedule, and I might have to wait until next week. I thought they were only based in Ballard, but after another they seem to kind of make their rounds.Anyway, I will track them down one of these days!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Grocery outlet sounds like my kind of store! I'd be pleased to find those burgers and lollies and yay for marzipan Rittersport.

    1. Grocery Outlet totally rocks the Kasbah! The marzipan Rittersport is so delicious! Where have I been? I have definitely been missing out!

  2. OMG I need that candy corn ice cream in my life! I wish there was somewhere to find which stores have it- the So Delicious website does not have it listed on their website. T_T

  3. I know! Last year I was so frustrated not to be able to find them anywhere. If it's any help, I saw them at Whole Foods, and also Grocery Outlet. Those are the only places so far that I've seen them.

  4. Great finds! I love to compare vegan ranches! And making your own Booch? Nice! Can't wait to hear about it! LOVE that you found so much vegan mac & cheese! Awesome! I still haven't found Kite Hill...sigh...OH!!! I like the black bean burgers but haven't seen the crab cakes yet! Just found that our Walmart started carrying So Delicious Cashew Vegan Ice Cream! Guess what I will be grabbing this weekend!? LOL

  5. The cashew milk ice cream is soooooo AMAZING! My favorite is the salted caramel cashew. I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it has swirls of salted caramel, and dark chocolate covered cashews. Mind blowing. It's creamier and richer than any nn vegan ice cream I've ever had.

  6. I leave the mainland and Walmart starts carrying Cashew Milk Ice Cream. You all are welcome!

  7. Walmart carrying any vegan ice cream, let alone cashew mil ice cream is pretty amazing! I hope it trickles down your way!