Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cruciferous Day

This is one of the only vegan YouTube channels I watch after my recent unsubscribe purge. They make daily vlogs on this channel, and they each have individual channels as well. Hannah's channel is High Carb Hannah, and Derek's channel is Unconventional Living. I discovered both channels individually, and was pleasantly surprised to see them as a couple. Their daily vlogs are a lot of fun, and have become an important part of my morning.
When Hannah made this dish, it looked so amazingly delicious, but cauliflower is one of two vegetables I can't stand. The other is asparagus. Blech. I did make cauliflower buffalo wings over the summer that made cauliflower edible, so I decided to be brave and try this recipe. The sauce looked so flavorful, I figured it had to cancel out most of the cauliflower taste.
I whipped this up while listening to The Young Turks, and not only do I love  it, but I already want to make it again! The sauce is out of this world, and it's going to be my new go to sauce for my oven baked tofu! The cauliflower gets soft, while the breading stays pretty crispy. I feel like this is what you serve to people like me who shudder at the thought of cauliflower. It's super easy, and doesn't dirty every pot in the house. This is the second or third recipe of theirs I've made that has been a smashing success!
I served these delicious morsels over some brown Jasmine rice, and did what my mom could NEVER get me to do, ate a whole bowl of cauliflower! Little me was gagging with all the spoons! Just looking at this picture makes me want more! Lucky me I have a few leftover bites. I can't believe cauliflower is going to be added to my grocery list!
I had a very cruciferous day yesterday. I had some balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes for breakfast, and a mid-afternoon green juice with lots of Tuscan kale.
Yesterday was my third trek up the hill, and I'm still going strong, despite the rain. I had a moment yesterday morning where I wanted to make the excuse of "it's raining too hard". But I didn't, I forced myself to do it and seriously I had a case of the happy-s that I just couldn't shake yesterday. And I dealt with some real grumps too. Usually negative energy brings me down a notch, but somehow yesterday no one could steal my happiness! Today I am taking a rest day, which I usually do. I'll just do some yoga focusing on flexibility, and take a hot detox bath, and get back on that hill tomorrow.
If you do anything this weekend, do yourself the biggest favor and make this cauliflower. It's a life changer!
Happy Saturday!


  1. That is so great that you're climbing that hill. I was just thinking about it this afternoon and hoping you hadnt quit.

  2. Still going strong. The buzz I get from forcing myself to do something in the rain that I don't want to do is so much better than any other buzz I've ever had. No joke.

  3. My husband doesn't like cauliflower either. Luckily he eats it without a complaint (knowing that I made dinner, and he is capable himself to make his own). I think his favorite way to eat it is probably in a dish like this. I've made buffalo wing cauliflower bites and man, it is the way to eat them!

  4. I'm going to make this recipe again with the other half of the cauliflower, but make them with some type of vegan buffalo sauce. The flavor really mellows when battered, baked , and drenched in flavorful sauce! Ha!

  5. I will have to check out those channels! I have heard of High Carb Hannah :)

    1. Their daily vlog channel is great! I'm addicted. They are just fun to watch, they aren't judgmental, or trying to be controversial, they're just showing how life can be super simple as a vegan.