Wednesday, October 28, 2015


One of the reasons I started my second blog is to have a place to vent, and also kind of figure out some feelings, and try to keep this blog more vegan food/vegan issues related. It's nice that I have a lot less to vent about in Seattle than I did in Erie! Anyway, as anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows, I have been working on becoming a happier, healthier person for awhile now. I have been feeling kind of stuck for awhile now, and there have been days I have been tempted to go back to the self destructive future. I don't know what I was thinking would happen once I started caring about myself, and making healthy choices, but it hasn't happened yet, and it sometimes makes my old ways look pretty tempting.
So, I've decided to start walking up and down this hill that is across the street from my apartment building. I noticed it last week, and it hasn't left my mind. I do well when I make goals for myself and stick to it. It makes me feel super proud, and like I can accomplish saving the world, all because I completed a goal! I don't have any cheerleaders in my real life(human of course) so I need to be my own cheerleader, and for some crazy reason I believe walking up and down this hill every morning is going to help me stick on the right path. I am not a tennis shoe type of gal. That sentence just made me gag. Are they even called tennis shoes anymore? What do the kids say? Anyway, I bought a pair so that I can really commit to this. It is the first pair of sports shoes I've owned as an adult!
They were on clearance at Old Navy, so they certainly aren't for serious runners, but I'm not trying to win any marathons, I'm just trying to walk up and down a hill!
Last night I had some oven baked potatoes and tofu wrapped in tender butter lettuce and dipped in sweet chili sauce. So simple and so tasty! I love the contrasting temperatures and textures. And sweet chili sauce is the best.
I also made this carrot, orange, ginger juice. Like I said yesterday, I'm really trying to get a lot of vitamin c in my diet. The little oranges I've been buying at Trader Joe's have been really good, but these navel oranges I bought at the grocery near my apartment leave a lot to be desired. I actually wonder if  I got any vitamin c from them! Ha.
I had a few squares of this bar made in Oregon before bed. It's no Ritter with marzipan, but it's still pretty tasty.
I'm going to put my hill walking gear on, and see how this hill is. I feel like it's good to challenge yourself, and maybe it's part of the key to happiness?
What do you do when you feel like you're in a slump?


  1. It's a struggle! Some days are better than others but we can just take one day at a time and try and make the next day better than the day before! I still need to grab Main Street Vegan to add to my collection! I have read it/borrowed it but don't have it. The juice looks amazing, btw! YUMMO!

  2. I think I'm going to have to look for Main Street vegan to own too. The walk up the hill was a success, I think I had the right idea making this goal for myself.

  3. Walking up and down the hill sounds like an awesome plan to me I hope those Old Navy shoes work out for you. If not, dont let that stop you. Find some good (vegan) walking shoes and get those endorphins pumping.

  4. I felt like the biggest dork in my workout pants(leggings, yoga pants?) and clunky sneakers, but it was still dark so who cares, and it was AMAZING! Best plan I've had since going vegan!