Friday, September 25, 2015

I Guess I Like Umami!

Today's Mofo prompt proves what I have known for years.. I am the worst at choosing! The prompt is to name your favorite cuisine. I am having anxiety over having to choose one cuisine! The easier question would be what cuisine don't I like. I don't care too much for typical American style food. I find it to be boring and bland, and I need zing in my life. And of course we all know what a joke the Standard American Diet is. I think even people who live on the SAD know it's horrible. So that is what I don't like. I love bold spices, lots of textures, I like some type of acid/vinegar to my meal, and I like meals that are bright. For instance, the other day I made a vegan pot pie for Autumn Equinox. Even though it was delicious, I froze the leftovers for later because it wasn't something that I want to eat all the time. Too safe and Midwestern. I mean no offense, I grew up in the Midwest, but my taste buds migrate to much more exotic places.
For dinner last night I made a Bibimbap bowl, which is one of my favorite dinners. I love the warm rice and tofu with the raw crunch of the veggies, and the spicy sauce just makes it all happy.
It's a great way to use whatever veggies you have on hand. Last night I used cabbage, shredded carrots, scallions, and red pepper. Delicious. I baked the tofu in the oven with some coconut oil, and a little salt and pepper. It's my favorite way of cooking and eating tofu. It gets that kind of puffy crispy outside, while being soft and fluffy inside similar to deep fried, but much healthier. I think it's how I cook tofu at least ninety-five percent of the time. It doesn't really take much coconut oil either. I use maybe one tablespoon, give or take. Oil is such a tricky, polarizing ingredient isn't it? I feel like it's a tug of war with people telling you use the good oils, the good fats, we need them! Then, there is the camp that believes in pretty much no fat, and there are also people who say to eat fat, but not oil. So, get your fats from avocado, nut, seeds, etc. I fall in the middle. I don't think a ton of oil is good for anyone, and when I can skip it I do, however sometimes a little dab will do you! I imagine how confusing the interwebz must be sometimes for new vegans researching what foods to eat. There are so many opinions, and ways of thinking, and some people are so lets say passionate about their way being the right way. I feel like if you are choosing to eat vegan, you're doing it the right way! I think Vegan Mofo is a great example of that. I have seen some beautiful plates of food, and ideas for new recipes. I wish we could somehow make a huge collage of all of the different and beautiful vegan food, and send it to every non vegan everywhere! I know it would change some minds. I have heard non vegans make all kind of strange judgments on vegan food. It's too brown, too green, full of wheatgrass, too healthy, too processed, and on and on and on. Vegan Mofo really shows how much there is something for everyone.
I am lucky to be back in Seattle with almost any kind of world cuisine you can imagine. As a matter of fact, it's a goal of mine to discover a new cuisine! I know I did a terrible job making a decision on this prompt, but just let it be a warning to never go to a restaurant with me, because I am the worst at choosing/decisions! That probably explains a lot about my life, but I'll save that for therapy!!
Happy Friday!!


  1. I'm with you - I can't choose! I mean look at the presidential post I did it was CRAZY lol! I enjoyed your post! I thought it was great!

  2. I agree! I loved your post too, and I'm googleing the hummus casserole recipe cause i know it must be delicious!

    1. Yes, and I am getting quinoa and some veggies this weekend. I love recipes like that where you can switch out different veggies, and flavors of hummus, and as you said different grains!

  3. The oil issue definitely gets me confused! I've cut back a lot and often cook onions and garlic in stock now to start off a meal but I also like to use a little coconut or extra virgin olive oil at times. I love the idea of a big Mofo collage to show the non- vegans! We just had a big charity bake sale at work today and also a brownie competition. To my surprise my entry won! A few people asked me for the recipe. I nearly didn't enter but I'm so glad I did and showed vegan baked goods can taste just as good :)

  4. I am the same way about oil. And it seems like every other day there is more information, or another oil that we're supposed to use! Coconut and extra-virgin olive oil are my two oils too!
    Congratulations on the bake sale! That is so amazing. I think vegan desserts are an especially hard sell to non vegans. They get scared it's going to be too dry, or scared we've snuck some spirulina in there! That is amazing news!!

  5. Umami is a great pick! I've never cooked bibimbap, but it's my plan to do so some time soon.

    I like oil, hehe, but it's for sure better not to use too much of it... but I do use it too much, I like it a lot! I'm a big fan of cold-pressed canola oil for salads (and hemp seed, and flax seed), and other than that, olive oil is really good, but not as flavourful.

  6. I agree on the oils. Sometimes I do a water sautee for my veggies, and it's fine, but i do like the smell of onions and garlic sauteeing in oil!
    Bibimbap bowls are such a great healthy dinner and it's fun to eat because of all of the textures and flavors!