Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today's Mofo prompt is to make a new vegan friend. That should be easy enough to do in a city like Seattle, but I have to admit it hasn't yet happened. Although I enjoy doing things in Seattle, I enjoy the energy and vibe and general open mindedness of this city and people, I haven't yet looked for any vegan groups or anything. I am an introvert by nature, and just feeling free to be myself and free to not hear hate speech every time I go somewhere has been good enough for me so far. I also of course have friends here that I've had for awhile, but they are neither new, or vegan. I do feel like I have made friends online, which I never thought I would say! It's been really amazing connecting with people through the vegan blogging world! That's one of my favorite things about traveling by Greyhound bus. You meet and connect with people you never would have met, and may never see again. The random connections are what makes life really interesting.
I have connected with a few people who comment on this blog, and it just feels so amazing, and to keep it really honest, really helped me keep my sanity when I felt so alone while living in Erie, PA. I had some really long conversations with one person, Almost a Vegan, and it really made me feel less lonely, and I always looked forward to the little google notification! I also connected with Vegan In The VI, formerly The Shenandoah Vegan. And all that time I was feeling so lonely in Pa, someone who's blog I was a fan of, Jennifer Bliss of My Blissful Journey lived under two hours away! Now, I feel like we're friends, and I live on the west coast. Like I said yesterday, Life! These connections have meant the world to me, and one of the best things to come out of my decision to start blogging! These connections have helped me to feel more confident as a person, and more confident as a vegan. Sometimes it's easy to start losing your voice when it seems no one is interested. We can't lose our voice, because there aren't enough of us, and the animals need us. So I am so grateful for my internet friends, I value them so much.
In other friend news, Dylan(not a vegan, but he loves vegan food!) has been doing a little better yesterday and so far today. His appetite is up a little, and he seems a little less confused. Anything I do know about friendship, I learned from him.
In food news, I needed comfort and am also on a shoestring budget, so I made my favorite smothered burritos.
An old friend.
 These are just burritos stuffed with brown rice and pinto beans, with a cashew queso sauce I made with some cashews, nutritional yeast, and salsa. Topped with green onions, and hot sauce of course!
I also picked this up as an impulse buy. I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful friend!
I've never had this flavor, and I feel for the sake of this blog, and my feelings of course, I just had to try this. I may be seeking too much comfort in food recently but there was a time in my not too distant past that I would be smoking cigarettes and drinking far too much alcohol to cope. I've walked by gas stations a few times, and I have to admit I've been tempted, but I don't want to cope that way. It's an empty relief, and I think feeling physically good is what is giving me the strength to handle not feeling strong emotionally. Mind, body, spirit and all of that.
Vegan Mofo is just giving me all the warm and fuzzies this year, and I just love it, and really needed it!


  1. Hiya! I blogged about you, too! Thanks so much for the shout out! You are great! I gave you a shout out as well! I wish we could have Vegan MoFo year round! LOL :)

    I have been really pushing the 'shoestring' foods lately too! Things have been tighter than usual...I think for tomorrow I want to feature Great Depression foods veganized. I have done that in the past but it may have been on an old blog actually!

  2. I just read your post! I am really loving Mofo this year, even if some of the prompts are challenging. Great Depression foods sounds like a grea idea. I'm definitely going for the leaner times retro as well! I may just have to invent my own retro food!

    1. I like the idea of inventing your own retro food! That opens up additional ideas that is for sure! Spoiler alert! I made mine for lunch today...so I will CERTAINLY have a post for tomorrow! Woot! LOL

  3. Glad Dylan is feeling better and that you took off that security feature on your blog so I could comment. A lot of folks might have given up trying to comment since there was a requirement to join Picasa.

    I am crazy for Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

    1. I am crazy for it too! I think it's one of my favorites!