Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scrambles and Joe!

Today's Mofo prompt is to veganize an old family recipe. I knew what I had to do immediately. It isn't really a family recipe, but it is something that as a child I ate way too often. For the first eight years of my life it was just my mom and I, and we were far from well off. We had a home, clothes, and food, but things were tight and we certainly didn't have a lot of choices when it came to food. My mom always found a deal at our local Co-op on eggs, and vegetables. So, we had eggs on the daily, often times multiple times. She thought she was fooling everyone by getting fancy and making all kinds of quiches, putting in different veggies to really "switch it up". I often wondered as a child if she realized that it was still a quiche whether it had broccoli or green beans. To this day I feel deeply offended at the very mention of quiche, vegan or not. I'm almost gagging right now as I'm typing this.
So I knew I couldn't veganize the dreaded quiche, but I had to do something vegan eggy. I also remember that I used to love it when she would make breakfast for dinner. It just always seemed so willy nilly to throw caution to the wind and have some kind of breakfast food for dinner! My mom was way into health, and natural foods, so to eat a meal without a vegetable was certainly a novelty!
So, to honor my inner child, I decided to make a good old fashioned tofu scramble! I haven't made a tofu scramble in at least a year, maybe longer!
Avocado is technically a fruit, so still no veg!
I made my scramble with some red onion, and sliced tiny potatoes along with the usual scramble spices like turmeric, cumin, S&P, and nutritional yeast. I served it with corn tortillas and some sliced avocado. What really made this scramble remind me of my eggy youth is the addition of black salt!
If you really want to elevate your tofu scrambles, or tofu egg-less salad, this is your best friend. It adds that sulfur taste that only eggs have.
I liked this prompt, it reminded me to bring tofu scrambles back into my life.
I picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's yesterday, and i thought I would show some pictures, since I found a few new to me thangs!
Trader Joe's has finally decided to do their magic on my favorite frozen pizza of all time, Amy's roasted vegetable pizza! I love that pizza so much, but the price makes me cringe, and they are so rarely on sale! This was under five bucks, and I am stoked! This pizza proves that vegan or not, pizza doesn't have to have cheese to be a treat!
What's inside!
This salad is called Balela. It has chickpeas, tomatoes, black beans, canola oil, onions, vinegar and parsley. It is very delicious, and I will be recreating this soon. It's very fresh tasting, so I can only imagine how fresh it will taste when I've made it, well FRESH! I found it near the sandwiches if you are interested.
What doesn't belong in this photo?
What I love so much about Trader Joe's besides everything is they don't price organic produce that much higher than conventional produce. If I could afford it, I would buy all organic all the time, but in some cases I just can't afford it. If you like to use raw cashews for making creamy sauces, buy the cashew pieces instead of the whole cashews. Two dollars cheaper for the same amount!
If you like drinking Yerba Mate, check out Trader Joe's organic Yerba Mate. I love it, and it is under four dollars for twenty five tea bags!
Good morning!
I woke Stevie up from a snoring slumber to take this picture. She has the right lounging idea!


  1. I love your idea of putting potatoes in scrambled tofu. I must try that. Looks like a great haul from Traders Joes. I always get the bags of cashew pieces too, so much cheaper. We have an Asian Vegetarian supermarket nearby and we stock up on big bags from there.

    1. Potatoes are so great in a scramble! The tiny ones cook so fast, so it's perfect. It's kind of like a hash, especially if you add other vegetables! I am so in love with Trader Joe's! It's so crazy the price difference between whole and pieces!

  2. Don't you just LOVE that Black Sea Salt? (Kala Namak) It's one of the few sea salts I use! I'm not much of a salt person but a pinch of that does the trick and it's one of the most nutritional ones for you!

  3. I can't believe how much it makes tofu taste like eggs! It's pretty amazing!

  4. Wow! that is a major haul from Trader Joes! Cant believe you went three years without access. You had best never leave the vicinity of a Trader Joes ever again.

  5. It was the longest three years of my life! When I would see hauls online, I would almost drool!

  6. Nice scramble! The black salt really is the secret ingredient there. I buy a lot of the same stuff at trader joe's :) my trip always includes those meatless balls and lately the vegan tikka masala too. Those corn and wheat tortillas are the best!

  7. The meatless ball are on my list for my next trip. I meant to get them and forgot! The vegan Tikka masala is so great! I'm supe glad Vegan in the Vi turned me on to it! I love the corn and wheat tortillas. Sometimes corn tortillas are too corny, and the wheat cuts that!