Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Little Off Course

Today's Mofo prompt is to recreate a dish from your childhood. This was one of the prompts that was stressing me out. On only the second day too! For a million reasons that I won't go into here, I don't really have any real memories of foods that I love. All of my joy of cooking/eating has happened for me well into adulthood. I do remember that I loved my grandma's grilled cheese. She always used Swiss, or baby Swiss and it was just the best. My grandparents were my favorite people on earth, so I'm sure that love made the sandwich all the more delicious. The very first time I tasted the creamy original Chao, it actually reminded me of my grandma, because it reminds me of baby Swiss. So, it is somewhat fitting that I restocked my Chao supply yesterday.
Vegans can be cheesey too!
I wish Chao existed back then, my grandma's grilled cheeses would have been even better! If you notice in the background, I finally found Daiya'a smoked Gouda block! I heard murmerings of this months ago, and just now found it. I had heard this was the one daiya cheese that could be eaten cold.
So hard to find!
I tried some on crackers as soon as I got home. In my vegetarian days, I really enjoyed smoked Gouda. I have to admit I was scared to try it cold. But I finally did it, and I was pleasantly surprised! It has a nice smoky flavor, and a firm but kind of creamy texture. It still has a little of that daiya taste, but the cracker helped cancel out the funk. I look forward to trying this on a veggie burger, or sandwich. It is by far the best of all the daiya cheeses in my opinion.
Here's proof I did eat it cold!
I hope this post was at least prompt adjacent, I should have made a grilled Chao, but that would have been too on the ball for me. Ha! I'm really enjoying all the great Mofo posts! I always love Mofo time, because I always discover new to me vegan blogs! It's very inspiring, and as someone who has been dealing with feeling very lonely for the past few years, it feels great to feel like I'm part of something.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great vegan cheese post and I NEED to find that Gouda OMG! I didn't even know it existed! Thank You! I got a little cheesy today, too!

  2. The Gouda is so good! I'm super surprised. going to read your post now!

  3. That Gouda does sound good. I've never had Daiya but I used to like smoky cheeses and I haven't tried many vegan versions of those.
    Oh, and happy VeganMoFo! I like your blog's name. :)

  4. Thank you! This smoked Gouda is the first vegan smoked cheese I've seen. If you run across it, I really recommend trying it!

  5. No bowl of Tomato Soup with Grandma's Grilled Cheese?

    All these Mofo prompts are making me glad I didnt participate. I would be very stressed trying to come up with childhood memories and weird food combos.

  6. I am actually very stressed with the prompts. i didn't have everything for tomato soup, and with losing food from the power outage my budget is tight etc. Some of the prompts are kind of impossible for me.

  7. Prompt schompt. If it stresses you out then don't do it!! I'm sure the prompts are just for people who need ideas for posts, not like you get in trouble for not following them!

    It's been.....forever? since i had "real" smoked gouda, but i have to say i think that smoked tofu is the next best thing. Soy Boy makes a version that is amazing. I really liked Chao but it's stupid expensive here in nyc so I don't get it unless there's a good sale. Make grilled cheese! Yum!!

  8. I loooooove the Soy Boy smoked tofu! It is really hard to find, I've only had it once, and it was amazing. Starting this week, the prompt thing is going to go astray, as some coming up are very almost impossible. Chao is really too expensive to have all the time, but I did luck out and find a sale. The daiya smoked Gouda really is delicious!