Sunday, September 13, 2015

Let Me Guide Your Tour!

Today's Mofo prompt is kitchen tour time! As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, I loathe and detest my kitchen. It's a small, dark windowless dungeon, and it's only been a week or two since I've learned how to cook and not cuss everyone and everything out. So, I thought I would show some things that I use in my kitchen.
First up is my Ninja blender. It's no Vitamix, but it's the best blender I've ever owned, and probably as close to a Vitamix as I'll get. It is super easy  to make fruit and vegetable juice.
Where some magic happens!

My most used kitchen utensil is probably my tea kettle. I am obsessed with tea! I also leave those two pots/pans on the stove almost always. That way they are just there. I have problems with storing things in my kitchen because some of the cupboards were clearly made for someone who is taller than 5"4 inches tall. So when stuff gets shoved in the back, I have a hard time reaching.
Fancy sugar is a must for a kitchen!
I figured I would show a picture of these fancy sugars I found awhile ago at Grocery Outlet. Maple sugar, and vanilla sugar. The vanilla sugar is so delicious in a cup of Chai tea!
So fresh and so clean clean!
I recently discovered this brand of earth friendly dish soap. I also picked up this lemon room freshener. I really like both of these products, and I will be using these again. I found this at Target, and it is decently priced. It's frustrating sometimes when you want to buy the non-toxic stuff, but the price is toxic. The brand is J.R. Watkins by the way.
I had to take this picture because it makes me feel proud of where I am now in my life. These are bottles waiting to be refilled with the water I buy without fluoride. There was a time in my life not too long ago that these bottles would have been empty beer bottles, and there would have been many more!
Red Beans and rice didn't miss her

These are some of my pantry staples. Rarely does a day go by that I don't eat some type of beans and rice. Cheap, healthy and nutritious.
Gotta have my chocolate!
These are some dark chocolate bars I've discovered since moving here. I flirt with going refined sugar free, but I can't give up my chocolate needs!
"Oh hi, am I in the way"?
This is Roxy, who just had to have a picture taken. I often have a kitty nosing around what I'm doing in the kitchen. Dealing with such crammed space and kitties can be a bit hard at times, but look at that face! If you ever eat at my house, you have to be non-squeamish about cat hair in the food.
My main man!
And this is of course not my kitchen, but it is my guy Dylan. He is definitely having a better weekend. He is in the kitchen often, begging for Daiya!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I remember finding some of that J R Watkins stuff ages ago and it was really nice, maybe TK Maxx, I can't remember. I'm really enjoying looking at everyone's foodstuffs today and see stuff we don't get in England. You're chocolate collection looks great. I get anxious if there's no chocolate in the house lol. There's a section of my fridge known as the chocolate drawer.

  2. I have severe anxiety over not having enough chocolate! I need to establish a chocolate drawer!

  3. Neat! Loved the kitty pics most though. Gosh your main man is a hottie.

  4. Thanks! He is a very handsome devil. I know how to pick them!

  5. I lived with a windowless mini kitchen for years...! Those flavored sugar sound delightful for tea. I totally keep my huge red dutch oven on the stovetop all the time, along with my bialetti, no use putting either away since i use them so often.
    Your kitties are adorable!!

  6. That's how I feel. It's just one less step in the kitchen! Dylan and Roxy agree with you!

  7. LOVED the tour and the cats! Also...the Ninja's I have are the first ones they came out with before the higher speed blender they did and I have been wanting to get that one, too! And I always enjoy the products you find!

  8. The only thing about the Ninja is it is soooooooo loud! I always worry about irritating my neighbors getting irritated. Dylan is doing better this weekend. How is Paco doing?

    1. Paco seems ok the last week or so...fingers crossed it will continue! Good to hear Dylan had a good weekend, too!!!

  9. The most important thing about a kitchen is its chocolate supply! I used to have a tiny kitchen, it was basically a cupboard - you could touch all four walls from the middle. The fridge was in the living room, there were two rings on the hob, and it was an absolute hovel. I'd never been so happy to move out of anywhere!

  10. I know. Kitchens are so important! At least my fridge is in the kitchen! I have to have a chocolate supply at all times!

  11. Aww, I love that Roxy interrupted your tour to have a picture taken! Hehe! :)

  12. She is a total sweetie who wants to show the world her charms!