Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seasons Change

Today's Mofo prompt is is to tell you all about my fave late summer food. I love all summer foods. I am not a winter person in any way, shape, or form. I am truly supposed to be living somewhere warm and sunny year round. Someday. Anyway, onto food! I find it so much easier to eat tons of fruit in the summer. I can't shove enough nectarines in my face! And I can't forget cherries, berries, grapes, and melons! I can't believe I almost forgot to mention tomatoes! And carrots, potatoes, squash, broccoli, basil, kale, cucumbers, and corn! We do live in a time where a lot of these fruits and veg are in grocery stores year round. Maybe not the best quality, but there they are. Like when is the last time you weren't able to buy carrots, or bananas? I'm talking about shopping at groceries, not Farmer's markets.
I went to pick up a few fresh fruits and vegetables yesterday, and found some great deals on late summer produce! This is the time of year when organic kale is sooooo cheap! And I loaded up on organic pears and apples, as they were super cheap too!
I want to Hulk you up!
I love when I can save money on my green juice fixin's! This is also the time of year when you can buy Tuscan Kale for the same price as curly kale. I rarely buy Tuskan kale because it is so much more than curly.
Look at those pretty carrots!
Melons are abundant in the late summer, and I decided to try this Pepino melon. It was super cheap, which of course made it all the more tempting. They say it tastes like a melon and pear, so I expect great things.
I was craving fried rice, so I made a fried rice for dinner that was heavy on late summer goodness. I made it with corn, and cabbage, and carrots.
All of those delightful vegetables are kind of invisible in my horrible picture, ha! But they were in there.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to commit to one, or even two favorites, but I really do love them all! In the winter I sometimes get into weird food slumps because I get so tired of the same fruits and vegetables. In the summer, it's the opposite. Everything I bite into is my favorite fruit or vegetable, until I bit into the next thing!
Could I be cuter?
I of course have to add another cute cat photo! This is Chunk's favorite thing to play with. The rings on kombucha bottles.


  1. I've seen a lot of posts talking about melon today and it's made me realise I never buy it. I think I need to start putting it in smoothies. The pepino melon sounds delicious.

  2. I think it should be great! Melons have been super cheap lately. Watermelons are great for juicing, it's so sweet!

  3. I've never tried (or even seen) one of those melons before! WOW! I need to find one! I have melon envy LOL. And the Kale...that is great you found organic at a low price!!! Niiice!

  4. This was a first for me! I had to try it because it was such a great deal. I looked at your Instagram page, and your pumpkin mac and cheese looks amazing!!!

    1. Thanks! I actually made it again last night from left overs and the 2nd attempt was even better. I will probably post the recipe in the next week or two.

  5. Never heard of a Pepino Melon, it is really pretty. Dont think I have ever had a ring on a Kombucha bottle either.

  6. I know, I've never had one either. I'm super excited to try it! The Kevita brand kombucha has a ring on the lid like a milk gallon. Chunk is obsessed!

  7. I just picked up that melon today, too. Great post reminding us that the seasons are about to change,

    I'm sharing this post on Vegan MoFo Blog for the weekly Round Up.

    Zsu @ Zsu's Vegan Pantry

  8. What did you think of the melon? I liked it a lot. I love your blog sooo much! Thanks for putting me in the round-up! I can hardly believe it!