Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Letting Go of What Does not Serve Me

As someone who has battled an eating disorder, and self-esteem issues, I am so, so grateful that the interwebz were not a factor in the prime of my disorder. And unfortunately I'm not even talking about the websites devoted to anorexia, and teaching people how to be perfectly anorexic.(sick, and disturbing) It seems that with each passing year, women are being sexualized more and more, and having that perfect body is becoming more and more important to women, and the powers that be are even starting to really put the pressure on the dudes as well, although men are still not expected to be "hot" for everything, as it seems women are.
What is sadly bringing this topic up for me is a YouTube video I watched yesterday where someone who I used to look up to immensely,( although that is slowly shifting) and this person had an issue with a song that is apparently a thing. Not being a top 40 listener myself, I had no idea what the song lyrics were, so I was listening to this persons opinion, with no knowledge of the words myself. Anyway, this person was offended by this song where a girl is singing about "the bass", no treble, and something about skinny bitches, which is the main thing that sent this YouTube person into a mood. She made  a whole video about it not being healthy to promote obesity, and really I kind of faded after a couple of minutes, because this particular person does a lot of these types of videos, kind of calling out certain celebrities and such, all while making sure to mention several times how lean and fit she is, and I guess I've been losing interest in these videos for awhile, this last video was I guess the last straw for me. So, not knowing the song myself, I checked out the lyrics, and it's a pretty self empowering song about not being a "skinny Minnie" She did say skinny bitches one time, but it was definitely lighthearted like the rest of the song. And after seeing the singer, I would not say she is obese, nor would I say that her cheesey little song is promoting obesity. I'm upse with this person because as I have been on my journey to health, I have been really having to fight some old body issues, and I am really fighting to love my body for what it is, not what it isn't, and may never be. I have always looked at anyone who is confident, and comfortable in their own skin with admiration, and have always wished I could just walk down the street knowing that I look good.
I feel like there is like a war with women, some want to be more "curvy", whether by nature, or man, and then there are the model thin girls, I don't understand why we have to be saying "skinny bitch" this , or obese that. I don't care what your body type is, if you love it, that is so freaking great, and I say rock on! If anyone is curious about the song, it's called All about that Bass, by Megan Trainor. Don't say I didn't warn you, the song kind of made my ears hurt. It would be a fun girl power song maybe if I were drunk, but other than that it is typical top 40 fare, but it does seem like it could be easily relatable to a lonely, insecure 14 or 15 year old, so I say to each his own.
I am not a doctor, I'm not an expert in anything, hell I'm feeling challenged by HTML for Dummies, but I do know that the world is a tough place, and there are so many leeches waiting with baited breath to leech on to those who are vulnerable, and don't love themselves, and I know that no matter how beautiful, smart, thin, and kind you are, there will still be people who want to tell you you're ugly, drop a few lbs. on and on. So if you truly love yourself, and know your worth, you are going to have a better foundation to fight off all these bad little dark corners of life. And I don't think we should be doing any body shaming ever. It's not helpful to people, ourselves, or animals or anyone. Let's start shaming the people that deserve it, the cops that shoot innocent teenagers, the people who abuse animals, the people who own and operate slaughterhouse's people who bully, I could go on and on.
I'm going to quietly stop reading blogs/watching this persons videos as they aren't my bag anymore, and I won't bring it up again, and I'm not going to mention a name because maybe other people see thing differently, and I don't want to spread bad vegan ju ju, these were just my feelings after thinking about different videos I have disagreed with, and listening to the song in question.

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