Thursday, October 16, 2014

If The Shoe Fits......

I never intended to become a cat lady. Not that I was ever opposed to the idea either. I always have dreamed of having a little house with a lot of land, and having tons of all kinds of animals. I just figured that I would be content where I was living before taking on such a feat. But life is spontaneous, and doesn't always stick to the plan, so here I am, a bit of a crazy cat lady. I have more than five, but less than ten feline babies. Long story short,  I had one cat, Dylan who loves daiya, discovered Stevie, who was a stray living under a neighbors van, adopted her, she had babies, I fell in love, my boyfriend at the time did not share the love, gave me a me or them ultimatum, lost him along the way, then most recently discovered Robin, and here I am. I love them all, and I feel that my previous relationship was toxic, and I think we would have stayed together longer than we should, if this wouldn't have forced us to break up. I also have learned about myself through taking this on. I learned that I needed to gain more patience, and let me tell you something, I didn't have a choice at times, it's either be patient, or go insane. Watching the kittens since birth has been amazing too. Seeing all their little personalities, from itty bitties till now has also been amazing. I feel like having all of this youthful energy around Dylan has been beneficial for him also. I feel like they are keeping him young. And he is such a trooper as well. He has been very open with sharing his food, home, litter box, bed, and attention. There is only one human in this home to give all the pets, so sometimes he has to wait his turn!
I do sometimes feel weighed down by these kitties, as moving out of this city would be so much easier if it were just me and Dylan. I feel that way a lot to be honest, but at the same time, I still would keep them even if I could go back. So it's a weird, complicated way that I feel, so I guess it really is love. Ha!
I have been able to give them shelter and food, and love, and they provide me with so much love and amusement. I can't stand the thought of animals living in small cages, hoping that some human will pick them and give them a home. If I could, I would adopt more, every time I go to petsmart, and they have people from the local shelter, I have to stop myself. When people ask me how many cats I have, I always hesitate and lower the number I guess because I fear the judgment, (or that someone might know my landlord!) I think it's sad that I live in a city where it is more socially acceptable to use horrible racial slurs in public, than to be a cat lady, but what can I do.
My plan still is to save money, buy a van, and move myself and my fam out of here. It will take longer, and need more planning, but again, these are not bad things, I could use more planning, as I tend to be way impulsive, might as well give a new way a try.
The biggest thing I have learned is love. I know it might sound so hallmarky, but this has opened my heart to love in a way that I haven't experienced, and it has given me more purpose, and I feel good about myself and this decision, which I haven't always been able to say in my life. I feel in many ways that these kitties saved me as much as I saved them, and they continue to save me. Most days they are the only living creature who are happy to see me, and want to spend time with me!
If you have a fur baby who is an only child, I really recommend adopting a friend for him/her. I know that Dylan is so much more alert and perky, I think he was lonely before, and I was just to doofy to realize it. And the love you get is out of this world.
Aside from the judgment and jokes, I enjoy my life as a Crazy Cat Lady.

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