Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Small Step for Animalkind

Since I do so much ranting/venting on this blog, I do like to balance it out with little spurts of optimism. I guess that's how I manage my sanity, by seeking out the good in life, however small it might be. So this past weekend I was perusing my fave celeb gossip sights, and I read at least three different articles with different celebrity females going on and on about how great coconut oil is for the skin! One said she started using it during her pregnancy to avoid stretch marks, and it made her skin feel so amazing that she has continued to use it! I can't remember all the celebrities, but I know one was Kelly Roland from Destiny's Child! We live in a Celeb obsessed culture, and the fact of the matter is people look to celebs for advice, especially when it comes to fashion, and beauty. And the way I see it, we need to stop putting nasty chemicals on ourselves, and into the earth, and for me the number one reason is WE NEED TO STOP ANIMAL TESTING! But there is an obstacle blocking the way, the very high price of non-toxic lotions and potions is at the very least a turn off to people who, while maybe they can afford it, they aren't going to pay it when lotion A is what they grew up on, and much cheaper. And the very high cost is for many people just not even close to a possibility. So maybe, when someone reads something from a multi millionaire who can afford all of the most luxurious lotions and potions who says, "hey guys, I've tried all the best, and nothing beats pure old fashioned coconut oil", well people might listen more than say, coming from a vegan who has been accused of being a hippie once or twice in her day. I love it when I see signs like that that maybe we can change things for the better. Trends get started with one person's discovery, and the rest is trend magic. If we can steer the direction towards more natural products, everyone wins, and no one loses except for the evil, money hungry corporate thugs. I don't think anyone really wants animals to be used for testing, especially for cosmetics and lotions. But people are also selfish, and want to look and smell pretty, and also we live in a time when people are able to aggressively ignore the wrong doings of the world, so getting people onboard with these common, natural ingredients is a huge step in the right direction.
I see every mention of a natural product, any celeb talking of the joy of a vegan diet, even if only temporary, as animals being helped. While most of the time I feel pissed because it isn't enough, sometimes I have to remind myself that everything starts somewhere.
Power to the animals!

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