Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Laughter & Cauliflower..

I think most people can agree that laughter is a good and necessary part of our lives. There is nothing better than just cracking the hell up, I'm talking snorting, crying,slobbering, losing your breath, wow my abs just got a workout kind of cracking up. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do a fair share of weeping all by my lonesome, so I have to balance that out with things that are light, and crack me up. I also do not own a television, so I rely on books, online articles and videos. So I have my usual, always good for a laugh TMZ, and another really funny gossip blog is D-listed. So snarky!
Something new I discovered thanks to YouTube, is the seriously make you pee your pants funny Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. If you are a fan of The Daily Show, you will obviously remember John Oliver. Not having a TV means I'm not always that up to date on TV news, and usually when things change in a calm, peaceful manner they don't really make it on TMZ, so I was unaware that John Oliver had even left The Daily Show. Anyway, I discovered this gem a few weeks ago, and in case anyone else has missed out, I wanted to spread the joy. He has such a biting sense of humor, and obviously I agree with his way of thinking, so it just makes me cry with laughter. And since the show is on HBO, he can use the real bad words! He doesn't overuse them, but sometimes nothing really drives the point home like a well placed fuck!
Anyway, I know that the show is on HBO, I don't know what day or time, sorry. But the show has a YouTube channel, and they upload very regularly. If you ever need a quick laugh, you should check it out.
Another little suggestion that is kind of old news by now, is Buffalo Cauliflower! I hate cauliflower. I was forced to eat it as a child, even after it made me gag, and I have never been able to eat it, or really even smell it without wanting to gag myself with a spoon. Well, I have been reading all of these buffalo cauliflower recipes, and I have watched a ton of videos on YouTube, and they all look so, so good, but I always remember,cauliflower. Well, I decided to conquer my fear, and instead of buying a whole head, which felt way too daunting, I bought a little container with some pre-cut florets, and bought a little rice flower in bulk, and decided to try one more time with this gag inducing vegetable. I followed one of the seriously like one million recipes online, I mean even meat eaters have become obsessed with this dish. (Go vegetables!) I made a little rice flower batter, baked the florets, tossed them with some hot sauce mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil, baked until somewhat crispy, and gave them a try. I'm not going to lie, it took me five or ten minutes to gather the courage, and guess what? I did not gag at all, in fact they were very delicious. If someone actually loves or even likes cauliflower, try this recipe! I can't say I will rush to make it again, because cauliflower, but it taught me a lesson that there is always a way, and for god's sake, don't be scared of food goose! But seriously, it was super easy, and there are so many recipes. I would imagine that you could get really creative with sauces too. Any sauce used on wings could be applied here. With football season in full swing, I could see these being a hit with anyone, no matter what diet they follow.

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