Thursday, October 30, 2014

Different Strokes to Move the World

Since I talked about someone yesterday that I've lost that loving feeling for, I figured today I would talk about someone who has one of my favorite YouTube channels. The channel is Fit on Raw, and the woman behind it is Swayze Foster. She also has a blog by the same name, and I believe two of her cookbooks out of a four part series are out. I have made some of her recipes, hello oatmeal crust pizza, and she is good! She also has a ton of  recipes for salad dressings that I find very helpful, as I like variety, and a new dressing makes me feel like I'm eating a whole new salad. Her videos are different, she does some recipe videos, some what I eat videos, and she has recently been doing a debunking series debunking various myths in the raw, and vegan world, and also various myths that omnivores might throw on a vegan. She has tons of hard, scientific facts, and she states them in a very clear and concise manner, and I really have learned a lot, and I look up to her calm speaking manner. I also appreciate her thoughts about veganism, and how she is not in anyone's face forcing it, and she also feels that the best thing is to lead by example. I think about myself when I was smoking cigarettes, when people would say negative things about smoking, I would shake my head in agreement, all while puffing away, or dreaming of my next cigarette. Even though I knew they were right, and I knew smoking was not good for me, I wasn't ready to not smoke. So even those graphic commercials would prompt me to think about quitting, even those images weren't enough. But when I was truly wanting and ready to quit, that's what started the process of me quitting. Alcoholics, drug addicts, anyone who has engaged in any behavior they've wanted to change, it has come from them wanting the change. And I think sometimes some of these crazier antics turn people off from veganism, which is the opposite of what we want. I want to have Swayze with me at all times, because I sometimes have a problem staying calm, and just stating facts when people are challenging me and my beliefs, especially if they are really belittling me. My emotions definitely get the best of me in regards to animal welfare.
However, much like having many options for vegan foods, I think it is amazing that there are so many different styles of promoting health and veganism, as we are all different, and different approaches work for different people, and we all want to save animals, and make the world a kinder place. There are people that like a more aggressive approach, and for the people who are obsessed with their looks and weight, and aging and all that, they will be looking for something different, and so we can all find our little niche. All bless the interwebz!!

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