Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Workin' at the Dogwash

So I have a little side dog walking/pet sitting business that I am really having a hard time getting it off the ground. I have been so over being a server, bartender, any menial job for a really long time. The problem with being an actual adult and trying to live off minimum wage, or barely over is not only the financial struggles, but for me it's just I am capable of so much more as many people stuck in these jobs are. If you didn't go to college, it doesn't mean that you just put you're brain to the side and just become useless other than to serve people who are more educated than us. Many people who have better jobs reach a point in their life where they just can't deal with their career anymore. Some change careers, some travel to find out who they are, and some stop working for "the man" and start their own business. And when I see or read interviews with those people man do they seem happy and fulfilled doing what matters to them. I want to be fulfilled. But where I am currently living, my choices are limited. Being a cashier or telemarketer is not too different from serving people, the only difference is cashiering is less cleaning up after people. Also the state of Pennsylvania where I live thinks it is perfectly okay to pay servers 2.83 an hour! If you work at a restaurant and it's not that busy, or the food is inexpensive and you're not making much money. I also am finding it harder and harder to help people navigate the menu because I am actively involved in the selling of meat, even though I'm not eating it, I am saying it is okay to eat animals. I used to have an easier time rationalizing this in my head, and I think the drinking and smoking made it easier to numb those feelings down, and say to myself "what else can I do, I have to earn money". So I decided to try to make a go of dog walking. My choices are limited, so try to make you're own choices right? Well that has been more of  an occasional source of extra money, nothing I can count on. One of my neighbors owns a grooming shop about three blocks away from my apartment, and not only does she display my business cards, she also sometimes has me take care of her kitties when she and her hubby go out of town. Well this awesome lady is now also my new boss!! She has been very busy lately, and she has a small business so she does everything herself, and I am her new dog shampooer! I will wash and then blow them dry for her to groom and she's going to show me some grooming tricks along the way! She is paying me a set amount per wash, and it will pretty much be what I would earn working 8 or more hours at some soul crushing minimum wage job, the same for serving people food. And the woman who owns the shop is so sweet, I really enjoy chatting with her. She is a real animal lover so it's nice to have that in common. I am so excited, and I realized today that this is what happens when you keep working towards change, and actively participate in you're life. Things can change even if it takes awhile. This is so new to me. I don't think shampooing dogs is going to be my a ha dream job, but guess what? I won't be serving people bacon stuffed ham flavored chicken wings with a side or sausage gravy either. So progress! And I get to hang out with dogs! As my kitties have a strict no dog policy, I don't get to hang with pooches too often. So if anyone is reading this feeling hopeless, I know it sounds cheesy but honestly if you keep pushing yourself and focus on the big picture of peace and happiness, and not let yourself fall prey to negativity and toxic people/behavior, and most importantly have patience, things will start to change. And I know if I keep going, it's only going to get better! So I'm sorry this was kind of rambling on and on, but the last time I rambled, it was pretty negative, so it feels great to ramble in a positive direction. Have an amazing day!

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