Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Serving up some Saucy Gratitude!!

I made the best sauce last night and I had to share because it made my mouth so happy! I was making myself a rice bowl, with tofu, romaine, and radishes, and I always make either a vegan bibimbap sauce, or a peanut sauce. Well I felt like sprucing it up a bit. In all honesty I was inspired by a picture I saw of  Just Mayo sriracha mayo! I thought of how delicious that sounds, so I decided to make my own version. Luckily I have Just Mayo in my fridge, and I try to always have sriracha as I am a spicy girl! So I threw a couple of spoonfuls of mayo, a few spoonfuls of sriracha, and because I wanted to thin it out a little, I used about a teaspoonful of teriyaki sauce, then another squirt of sriracha to increase the heat, and then I fell in love! I assembled my bowl with rice with a few scant drops of sesame oil, then four sliced radishes, a small head of romaine, and some tofu that I dry fried. Then I drizzled this sauce over and it was so delicious! If you aren't a super spicy person, but you like a little action, just start out with only one spoonful of sriracha, and you can add more as needed.
I did a little review of Just Mayo, but I will say it again it is so delicious that all I can really say is that you have to try it yourself! It is so creamy and it even has that mayo smell that actually is a little freaky, I sometimes have to reread the ingredients to reassure myself. I think that there is not a person out there who would not enjoy this mayo. Andrew Zimmerman who is a very meaty chef and a host of various shows on the Travel Channel, has a quote on Just Mayo's website saying he preferred Just Mayo to Hellman's his preferred brand in a blind taste test. This is the kind of guy who makes fun of vegans, and vegan food, so that quote is a pretty big deal if you ask me!
I'm sorry I'm a dork and I can't post pictures, cause this bowl looked and tasted beautiful, and I know I like looking at pictures myself. And as I told my friend a few weeks ago I need to write down actual measurements. I'm such a dash of this smidge of that type of cook, and I need to start writing things down. So once again, I an working on improving my skills!
Onto my three things I'm grateful for 1)I'm grateful that I have the means to buy extra cans of cat food to feed the feral kitties who are hungry and have no one to feed them. 2)I'm grateful that I overcame my feelings of dorkiness and I keep writing this blog. 3)I'm grateful that I have clean, safe water to drink.
Have a happy Hump Day!!

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