Sunday, July 20, 2014

Earth Balance Sour Crean and Onion Chips

Before going vegan, sour cream and onion chips were not really my jam. I was more of a plain old chip, or maybe barbeque if I was feeling sassy. I think the only kind of sour cream and onion chips I've had is maybe Lays it has been so long I can't really remember.
Because of my neutral opinion on the non-vegan version, I didn't really have any expectations, other than assuming these would be better than Lays. Well I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I love this flavor! It had more of an onion flavor than I remember non-vegan versions having. And just like the cheddar flavor, the perfect crunch and thickness. And what I really love about both flavors is that they are not so greasy and powdery. I never liked the greasy powdery residue left on my fingers after eating Cheetos or Doritos. I really can't believe how well they have mimicked the sour cream flavor. I truly think you could put both flavors of  these vegan chips in bowls and serve to non-vegans, and I think everyone would love them. I think sometimes you have to surprise people, as not everyone is open minded, and there are a lot of people who hear the word vegan in front of any food, and forget about it, they will not like it. So if they taste it and they like it, they can't really say all vegan food is gross!
If you're life has been deprived of Sour Cream and Onion, or Cheddar flavor potato chips Earth Balance is you're new best friend. I have now had both flavors and I am in love with everything, flavor, texture, and no laundry list of weird ingredients. And just like the cheddar flavor, I'm sure these would hold up well to a hearty dip.
On a side note I am so happy with all these truly delicious vegan products that keep coming out, and it's like one is better than the next. It's getting harder and harder for people to say that all vegans eat is wheatgrass, and that vegan food is weird or gross. So I think it really is one way to open peoples minds, even if you have to trick them at first.  When someone's mind is opened, we can save animals.
So buy a bag and fool an Omni!!

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