Thursday, June 12, 2014

My love for animals

Ever since I can remember I have loved animals with a passion. I actually feel like I have a connection with animals on a deep level. I also was raised in a house where animals were respected and I have many fond memories of my mom defending animals. I remember when I was really young and my grandparents would read to me every night. I had them read me black beauty over and over and I always asked the same questions about how people could be so mean. And I still have those same questions now. When you love animals so much and you let people know, you can face a wide variety of responses. Some positive, but in my personal experience it has mostly been negative. I've even had people act as if I must not care about people because I love animals. It seems strange to have a good quality turned into something so negative. I catch myself losing my vegan voice because I just get so tired of the jokes, and having to explain, and defend. But I always snap out of it at some point and realize that I am allowed to feel the way I do and I have to speak up and continue to do my part in changing life for all animals. I live in a very intolerant city. I mean I seriously cannot even believe this place and way of thinking exists. So its even harder for me now. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I have never in my life heard more white people use the n word in my life. So human rights aren't really an issue here and the few times I've mentioned like wow the n word is not okay people look at me like what the eff is you're problem. So I have no hope of anyone caring about animals enough to give up bacon! When you see ridiculous products in grocery stores like bacon mayonnaise, I feel it was made for the people in the city I live in. But I've recently been on somewhat of a health journey, after years of being horribly abusive to myself  I am on a mission of self-love. I'm hoping that as pounds drop, skin glows and in general a healthy demeanor people will ask my secret. Women can be shallow and willing to follow the trail of whatever will make them look good. Even if I can convince someone to go meatless Monday that's saving lives. I truly believe that animals have as many rights as humans and they were not put on this earth for us to do with what we want, including destroying the planet. I do believe at some point there will be a price people pay for they're cruelty. And even if no one ever reads my blog, I hope I keep blogging to hold myself accountable and to not lose my voice.

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