Monday, June 23, 2014

Earth balance vegan cheddar flavor kettle chips

So about one or two months ago I started reading about earth balance coming out with some snack foods. I know they have vegan sour cream and onion kettle chips, vegan white cheddar popcorn, vegan cheese nip type crackers, and I'm sure more that I haven't seen, or don't know about. I kind of assumed I wouldn't be able to find any of these products in the town/ city I live in. In addition to that, 3 weeks ago I started following freelee the banana girl, so I've been doing raw till 4, high carb, tons of fruit, so chips are kind of off my radar lol. Well, about 2 weeks ago I was at my local co-op, and lo and behold, I see earth balance sour cream and onion, and cheddar kettle chips! At first, I have to focus on keeping my mouth from just hanging open, and then when the shock finally went away, I had to decide which flavor to try. I chose cheddar. I got these babies home, and for two weeks did not touch them because since I am aiming for total health, and have genuinely been feeling good, I didn't want to risk putting a bunch of junk, even vegan junk in my body. Well, Saturday afternoon, I just needed salty, crispy, badness. So I looked and these are non- gmo, vegan, kosher, and no trans fats. Also there are no ingredients that I can't pronounce or that I don't know what the hell they even are. So I'm not saying that these are healthy, but in regards to chips in my opinion they are an okay sometimes treat. Now on to the taste. I really don't even know what to say. They are so delicious! The texture is perfect, they have just the amount of crunch and crisp. Sometimes I find kettle chips to be a little too crunchy in a dense way if that makes sense. But likewise sometimes the crispy chips can be a little flimsy flamsy if that makes sense lol. And I always felt a little queasy after eating too many Lay's brand cheddar chips. I think the grease and the fake flavoring always got the best of me. The earth balance chips are not super greasy at all and they don't have that super overpowering fake cheddar flavor. The flavor is subtle but so wonderful! I can't wait to try the cheese nip type cracker, because I always loved cheese nips in my pre vegan days, but i always got that same queasy feeling after eating them. So based on the awesomeness of the cheddar kettle chip, I can't wait to try all the snacks they offer! If you have been missing cheddar flavored chips in you're life, these may fill the void! In case anyone is curious I an proud of myself the bag says 13 chips are a serving and I have been sticking to that. Moderation!

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