Friday, June 27, 2014

Drinking stinging nettles?

About a month or so ago I read something about nettle tea, and I was surprised to find out it was tea made from actual stinging nettle! Man stinging nettle is so annoying. It has definitely put a damper on many a nature walk for me! So I wanted to learn more about drinking this nasty little plant. It has a ton of health benefits! To just name a few, lessens nausea, reduces inflammation, supports the kidneys, and can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. These are just a few of the benefits. I did my research, I totally nerded out and pretty much read all I could. I did read to check with you're doctor as it can interfere with some medications, so please keep that in mind. As I am not on anything, I was on a mission to find these teabags. I looked in every grocery that I thought might actually have more of a tea selection than Lipton Tea. No luck. I figured at the very least the co-op would have these elusive to me teabags. I checked there last, and was surprised to see that they didn't have the bags. Then I remembered that they sell loose teas in bulk, and shazam  there is a whole jar of dried nettle leaf! The best news, I filled up my bag, weighed it and guess what? 66 cents! I bought a little stainless steel tea ball that was like 2.50. While doing all of my research, I checked on prices and the bags can range anywhere from 2.50 to 5.39. So I got quite the deal and I have to say that the bag lasts me over 2 weeks and I brew multiple batches a day and most boxed teas have 12 to 16 bags. It has a the most neutral, crisp taste. I really love it. As it's been getting warm where I live I've only had it iced, but I'm sure it would be equally refreshing warm. Maybe this is tmi, but one of the benefits I read was that it helps with menstrual cramps and bloating. Well I found this to be true on my last cycle and I found my emotions were a little easier to handle also. So I am so not even close to being a doctor, but I can tell what my experiences and benefits are. If you want to try it, I recommend finding a co-op, or a whole foods, or anywhere in you're city/town that sells loose leaf bulk tea. If I were to buy the bagged tea, it would be a once in awhile treat because as I've said I am on a tight budget. My budget really is so tight I don't know if it even qualifies as a budget. (you really have to have a sense of humor). So now all I need to do is spend 66 cents every 2 or 3 weeks and I can drink as much as i want! If you're on a budget, or even if you're not seek out bulk. I'm not talking Costco I'm talking bulk bin. I have had to skip over certain recipes in the past because I can't afford to spend seven or eight dollars on some random spice that who knows when I will use it again! Well, with bulk spices you can buy as much or as little as you need. And if you're like me and you reuse old spice jars, you would not believe the savings! I once spent 77 cents on crushed red pepper, came home, put it in a crushed red pepper jar that if memory serves, I had paid 7.49 give or take. I filled that jar up and had some left over for a refill! I only buy bulk spices now and it has allowed my broke ass to be able to buy and use spices I've never used before. So I said a lot just to really say that although I do dislike coming across nettles in nature, I sure do like drinking them once they've been dried! If you're looking for a new iced tea,  I say try nettles! Have a groovy day!

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