Friday, August 1, 2014

Grateful to Leave

I read a quote the other day that said three solutions to every problem: Accept it change it or leave it. I feel that definitely is something I need to keep repeating to myself. I cannot accept the attitude of stank in this city, and as much as I want believe change is possible for  anyone I also know that you have to want to change, and I just don't see that happening here. So I have to leave it. I have to get extremely creative in how I can move myself and my fur babies. If it were just me I would have been gone so long ago. I just know that I am at the end of my rope. I truly understand that not everyone is going to feel the way I do about life in general, and we all have different values and beliefs. I feel that I am extremely open minded, and I love learning, and discovering, and changing. As a matter off fact, even in Seattle I knew very few vegans, and it was fine. But I do have a problem with racism and hunting, and a general hatred for anything that isn't typical white bread Christian American. And because my skin happens to be white, random people I don't even know feel that they have a kindred racist spirit and spit their rants onto me, assuming I will be adding to the " discussion". Seriously this has happened when I was doing my laundry. The laundry attendant went on a hate filled rant and she was disgusting! I felt depressed the rest of the day. And really, isn't  having to go to a Laundromat already kind of a day spoiler? I also have various co-workers who feel it's okay to spill their nasty views. It truly is too much for me to handle. The owner of the grooming shop is the only person I have talked to in this city who has not shown any signs of racism, and quite frankly my guard is up even with her, because I have been caught off guard so many times.
It feels like I will never get anywhere on my own personal path to inner peace and happiness because I already have issues with the human race, and being surrounded by hate, and people who have so much ,yet bitch and moan about every little thing, and hate anything that isn't white is not helping with that problem. You need to have balance in life, and things are very unbalanced  for me here.
So I have to leave it. I am seriously considering saving up for some kind of van/rv kind of thing. I could easily drive myself and my fur family anywhere and bonus, could live in it for awhile till we find a real home!If anyone has any other ideas feel free to let me know, as the more ideas the better because seriously I need to bust out of this joint. I seriously feel like if George Zimmerman and Donald Sterling needed a safe place to live free of ridicule, they should come here.
Onto Gratitude. 1) I am grateful that I am able to safely drink all the tap water I want. 2) I'm grateful I can walk down the street without the fear of bombing, or kidnapping, or any other crime of war. 3) I'm grateful that I am able to freely express my feelings, even if it is on the good old interwebz.

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