Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where the H am I going with this Thing?

Where am I going with this blog? I ask myself that every day. And I still don't have an answer. Every single vegan blog I read has beautiful pictures, and most have delicious recipes. That was what I thought my blog was going to be like also. Obviously that is not the case with my blog. I was starting to get that dorky feeling again, and starting to think why am I even doing this. But yesterday I was thinking about it when I walked to work, and I realized that I don't have to go anywhere with my blog, and I don't have to have a plan or a storyline, it's a blog. And everyone is different, and everyone is on a different journey.
My journey is currently very lonely. I have been blessed in my life in that I have always been able to find some kind of connection with someone pretty much everywhere I have lived, except now. And while by nature I'm very much of an introvert, I've come to realize the value of connecting with other like minded people. Truth be told I cry more than I would ever admit to anyone, wondering how I ended up here. But sitting in front of my laptop and writing/venting/ranting about what I'm feeling about whatever I'm feeling has been very therapeutic for me. There are days where I feel physically lighter after I'm done ranting. So this blog is my friend, and my therapy right now. I also realized yesterday that I might even help someone. Weirder things have happened in life.
Maybe giving some of my tips I've learned along the way to be earth friendly and have a non toxic life on the cheap will help someone else. I know that I used to let money stop me from healthier things, until I learned that life isn't so black and white, there is this whole amazing grey area! So now I might still live below the poverty line, but I'm non toxic and as organic as possible! So maybe someone else will find that useful.
So for the time being, my blog is my therapy, and I think making myself continue even though I have so many doubts, and no pretty pictures, is helping me more than any therapist I've ever been to.
Small kitten update: Robin is becoming more open to me. This morning I got a few full body pets, including the tail! He is a big fan of his head being rubbed. It continues to be very heartwarming, and I am so happy that he is safe.

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