Sunday, August 3, 2014


I have one more week of my Gratitude challenge. Last week was a very emotionally draining week for me, but man I still had three things to be grateful for every day! I think maybe that can help balance out the rest of the day. I think I'm going to start reminding myself of what I have to be grateful for before I fall asleep, as well as in the a.m.. I think in all my ranting last week, I realized that I don't feel a real balance in my life right now, and last week it was coming to a head and  I felt dangerously close to just drinking my problems away. But the problems don't go away, either does the pain, the problems and the pain actually get worse, your just too out of it and miserable to notice.
I feel today that all I really want to say is that  I am grateful to be grateful. In this moment right now I feel a peace that was lacking in the rest of my days this week. If I weren't able to get a grip, I would be pacing, desperately trying to find a way to fill the void. So today I am lucky to be grateful, and if you have a safe place to call home, and food, and clean drinking water, you have three things to be grateful for yourself.
Here's to focusing on positivity and change!

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