Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tales of Dry Brushing and A Kitten

I have been dry brushing my skin on and off for well over three years, and very consistently for about the last year and a half. I first heard about dry brushing from the amazing Kris Carr.
If you have never heard of it, I'll give you the CliffsNotes version. Dry brushing is a technique of exfoliating skin using a natural bristle brush. However those can be pricey, so I bought two organic shower mitts that work wonders, and were much more affordable, and can be washed very easily. You start at your ankles, making circular motions towards your heart. Dry brushing has a myriad of health benefits that include increasing circulation, shed dead skin cells, unclogging clogged pores, and helping release toxins from your skin which is by the way our largest organ!
Once again this was something that I thought I couldn't afford to do, as some of the brushes suggested are a little too pricey for this girl. But I feel that I am getting results using my method as well. Truth be known, I have also used a dry washcloth also, and continue to use a dry cloth to do my face. I dry brush three to four times a week, however some people insist it should be every day. Truth be told, I don't shower every day, and sometimes I don't have the extra time, so I find three to four times works for me. And boy have I seen results! Moving from the mild weather of Seattle, Wa. to the much harsher east coast temperament did a number on my skin. Especially in the winter! And I was noticing some lumpiness on my thigh area that looked like it could possibly turn into the dreaded c word! ( cellulite) ha. I feel like my skin not only looks softer, but it feels so soft! And I remember about a month after I had started dry brushing, my thighs seemed smoother. And it kind of helped set the stage for stepping up my eating and fitness game. I really recommend it. I would not still be dry brushing if I didn't notice a change. And I notice a difference in how my skin looks and also I feel more sluggish if I fall off the wagon. It is recommended that you brush for ten to fifteen minutes, which I do take the extra time on my detox bath days, but on a normal day, I spend maybe five minutes. It is really worth it, and you don't have to invest tons of money on a brush, and you don't have to invest a ton of time on days when you are rushed. You do want to do this before you shower, so you can wash away all the dead skin and funk you've just brushed up. As I said I only gave the CliffsNotes  version of the benefits, if you do a quick Google search, you will be amazed at how beneficial and healing dry brushing is.
And because I know that the world is waiting with baited breath, Robin the kitten rubbed against my leg before breakfast, and let me rub his head, and I got in a few more full body pets. So we are making progress, and trust is slowly being built! It feels amazing and it has been really wonderful to witness and be a part of. For as long as I can remember, animals are always able to lift my spirits when humans have broken them. I think overall Robin is pretty thrilled with life being indoors, and having food and friends!

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