Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Peace than War

Well, things are turning around in my crazy cat life. When I got home on Friday, I noticed that my bedroom door was open and clearly cats had been going back and forth, and no one seemed worse for the wear. The kitten would timidly come in the living room, get hissed at and go back into the bedroom. I felt so relieved that it was just normal hissing, and that no one sounded like a deranged wild beast out for blood. I decided to leave the door open while I went to my serving slop job, and I was so nervous, but when I came home once again everything was fine. No one has actually warmed up to the kitten yet, but things seem to be progressing as they should from everything that I have read.
The kitten is still desperately afraid of me. It runs for cover when I  come in the room. It is normal according to the webz. What can I expect, I did grab it, bring it into a house against it's will, and then let it get terrorized by a psycho. I sound like a real dick! I see it watching me when I'm petting everyone else, so I think that we have hope, but like most things it will take time. I was mostly concerned with the feline interaction, so as long as that is progressing, I am beyond happy. And I just have to keep mentioning that this kitten litter box trained itself! And I am so amazed. because it has only been five days since I brought it inside! I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say this, but animals are AMAZING!!!!!
Once again, the fact that pet stores and pet breeders exist is infuriating to me. This beautiful little kitten was unwanted, roaming these mean streets alone! And there are millions more where this one came from.
I've decided to name the kitten Robin. It seems fitting, as Robin Williams loved all animals, and this kitten has had a rough start in life, as did Robin Williams, and I plan on giving it a wonderful life, hopefully full of kitty laughter.
Have a great day, and hug an animal!!

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