Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beauty Can be Cheap!

I wanted to kind of retouch on what I was going on about yesterday, Minimalism! More specifically using little or no hair and skin products. It has now been easily three or four months since I stopped using traditional shampoo and conditioners. I have been washing my hair with baking soda, which by the way I also use to wash my face, and then I condition my hair with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. My hair has never felt better, and I could be imagining it, but I swear my hair feels thicker! And it is noticeably shinier! It is such a relief to not have to budget shampoo and conditioner into my life. It really used to stress me out when money is so tight, because if you want non-toxic, organic hair and skin products, it does not come cheap. It's unfair in my opinion that organic and non-toxic are luxuries, and us poors have to deal with all the carcinogens. So now I laugh in the face of corporate America and celebrate the diy hippie in me. I cannot recommend using this method enough.
I have also been using coconut oil as a skin moisturizer for almost a year now and I cannot put into words the improvement of my skin. My skin stays soft, even after this past brutal winter that the east coast had. I look for sales, but even when it's not on sale, I spend maybe seven or eight dollars and it lasts me months. It lasts way longer than any lotion I have ever bought.
I think that when you are eating healthy, and giving your body what it needs from the inside, it's easier to give it what it needs on the outside too. I truly think it is unfair that organic everything is so expensive. So it's nice to know these little inexpensive ways to make yourself pretty, or handsome.
Today I am grateful for 1)diy beauty choices 2) clean drinking water 3) the peace and stillness of the early morning.

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