Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's a Hard Knock Life

Since I've been working at the grooming shop, I've noticed how very few plain old "mutts" I've washed, and how many "pure bred" dogs I've washed. It seems like they are coming up with more and more combos, like now they are mixing poodles and Shih Tzus and calling them Shih-poo? Don't get me wrong they are so cute I could die, and please goldendoodles had me at hello. But where are the ethics in mixing all these combos, when there are so many homeless animals already. I always ask the shop owner what kind of dogs I'm washing, because growing up I was more of a getting a dog from a shelter kind of girl, so I am not knowledgeable on the fancy expensive dogs. I can think of  maybe five dogs since I've worked there that have been from shelters. The rest have been fancy, bought from wherever you buy such dogs. I don't think puppy mills have gotten much exposure in these parts, because anytime I have mentioned the word, I get a lot of blank stares. I just feel sad because I can't think of a single way that animals haven't suffered because of humans. When I mentioned to the shop owner that I think it's sad to see so many dogs in shelters, her response was "people want what they want, like me, I love Shelties." Well that's fine, but these aren't inanimate objects, these are living things who have feelings and most importantly, THEY MATTER TOO!
I am so over the arrogance of humans, and our need to control everything and make a profit off of everything. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if animals ran things, we would not be treated the way we have treated them.
I know for myself that every single animal I have ever adopted from a shelter has been so awesome, and I have taken in many kitties off of the street, and likewise I have nothing but good things to say. As a matter of fact, one of my kitties I have now, the momma kittie is so loving and sweet that I'm always telling her I can't believe she was homeless and living under a van! I have been blabbing to anyone who will listen about how shelters need help, and shelter animals are amazing, and on and on. I really hope someone hears me and tries. The thought of all these animals in shelters living in cages, and just wanting to make someone happy is heartbreaking. There are people who spend THOUSANDS of dollars on these fancy dogs, and then they are hardly allowed to be dogs, because when you are that expensive, your supposed to be "fancy" even though you are a dog, and you really want to play, and find some butts to sniff.  So that kind of life is probably also just a different kind of cage.
Please spread the positive word if you have had wonderful experiences with pet adoption, whether from a shelter, or the "streets", because it is a message that needs to be spread, and then spread again, and then we have to do some more spreading.
Today I am grateful for 1)perfectly ripe bananas 2)Clean drinking water 3) my mish mash of felines from every walk of life who make me happy.

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