Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Reasons that Animals Rule, and People Drool

Yesterday marked a week since I grabbed Robin and brought him inside. I have to be honest, when my neighbor said that she couldn't take him, I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, and scared. And if I am being 100% I was a little pissed too, although I wasn't sure who I was pissed at!
Well, a week later I still feel a little overwhelmed, but the stress and irritation for the most part are gone. And I have no one to thank except my lovely cats. Robin is so smart, teaching himself to use the litter box, and he is so brave to face this hostile environment all alone! And my adult kitties have gotten over themselves, and there has even been a little bit of play here and there, so all is good in my cat hood.
I feel very warmhearted about this experience because seriously, that first morning was very scary, and I wondered if my cats would ever warm up. And I've come to realize that I also needed this experience as I have become a much more cynical person, and I very much needed this positive experience, and a chance to see kindness, and acceptance.
In my opinion the human race has become less and less kind, and less and less sensitive, and I happen to live in a city that is abnormally insensitive, and intolerant, and it really has had a negative effect on my attitude towards people, and I have to really fight to have any optimism. And to me, that is a very dark place to be. So once again, how amazing are animals!
And as a sidenote, I am living proof that you can have multiple animals in a home, and if you are willing to accept that you will have to be doing some extra scooping, and vacuuming you can still have a clean and fresh smelling home. And, you don't have to use fake smelly, harsh toxic cleaners either, I promise.  You do need to have a constant supply of lint rollers on hand for clothes, as most of mine come out of the dryer somewhat furry. Ha ha.

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