Sunday, November 8, 2015

Laughter is the Cure??

This is another YouTube channel that I really enjoy. This parody really cracked me up. If you've ever watched Unnatural Vegan,or Happy Healthy Vegans videos, you will totally crack up. The grey rainy season is HERE in Seattle, and I really appreciate anything that can make me laugh
I tried a new to me Kombucha flavor yesterday, and it was amazing! I need to try to replicate this flavor with my own home brew. Which my first Seattle batch should be ready in about one more week!! Woot Woot! I'm excited to experiment with different flavorings, and I'm SUPER excited to be able to drink as much as I want!
This tasted like strawberry gum, in the best possible way. I didn't really taste much hibiscus, but that's fine because the strawberry flavor was so delicious. This is a drier kombucha, and drier isn't my favorite, but with this flavor it was okay. The strawberry was sweet enough to balance the dryness. I would definitely buy this flavor again. I know it sounds funny, and not very fancy but even with the million and one kombucha options in Seattle, Kevita remains one of my favorites. Their ginger kombucha is hands down my favorite.
I also finally baked up some cinnamon rolls that I got at good old grocery Outlet. They needed to be used, and to be honest it was just one of those days where an ooey gooey cinnamon roll felt very necessary.
I wasn't as pretty with the icing as I would have liked. It came out much faster than expected. These hit the spot. Here is some more info, including ingredients. These are by no means health food, but at least they aren't full of bleached flour and shortening. This was a great outlet find. I have to admit I haven't eaten a lot of cinnamon rolls in my day, and I really missed out!
I'm kind of in another cooking rut. I struggle with my kitchen. When i do make a recipe that is a little bit detailed, the lack of space gets on my nerves so much that it just hardly seems worth the stress and frustration. I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy making my own recipes, so I feel frustrated by the whole thing. I plan on going through my library cookbook today and make a list of ingredients for my Trader Joe's trip tomorrow. I'm hoping to catch some inspiration, and I'm hoping to catch some real fighting spirit. I just need to be perkier about the whole thing. UUGGHH. Hopefully I will have some beautiful food to talk about this week!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I didnt realize that brand of Cinnamon Rolls was vegan. Used to see them everywhere. I think I bought a tube of their Crescent Rolls once or twice.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised myself. I never really imagined cinnamon rolls would be vegan. They seem like they would be full of butter. But these were really good!

  3. I'm going to have to check out that channel! Thanks!!!! I have been looking for more vegan and raw vegan since so many are dropping social media and not being as active!

    1. Dropping social media definitely seems to be a thing these days! I have mixed feelings about it. Her channel isn't really raw, but I know Happy Healthy Vegan do a lot of raw, and I believe their mostly Raw till 4.