Sunday, November 1, 2015

Daiya is Showing Signs of Improvement!

I've picked The Four Agreements up again. I feel like this should be required reading. But that probably wouldn't work. Books like this need to be read when the person reading is ready to really absorb it. I think that's why I haven't read it for awhile. Since moving to Seattle, I've started to pick it up, and decided against it for one reason or another. Now, I feel ready. The candle seems appropriate to burn while reading!
When I was at the store the other day, I grabbed a bag of daiya since Dylan was out. I noticed they have a new promise on the bag.
Cheezier and stretchier? How about tasting edible cold? I noticed as I grabbed a pinch for Dylan that it had less of that kind of sour daiya smell. It smelled more cheese-like. The shreds also look a little different. They're not as soft and damp. They seem more solid. I am so sorry, I was not brave enough to taste them cold. Dylan did give me permission to use a little on the pizza I made for dinner.
This is a Trader Joe's pizza dough ball topped with pizza sauce, daiya, shredded Brussels sprouts, shredded kale, sliced white onion, and garlic. I also sprinkled on some nutritional yeast and crushed red pepper flakes. I can't say I noticed a huge difference in taste, but to be fair I had a lot of toppings and flavors going on, and I didn't use a whole lot of daiya because for my taste buds a little goes a long way. But, I noticed that the texture was a little thicker and richer. You know how daiya sometimes feels gloopy and sticks to your teeth? Well, last night I noticed less of that. This pizza was so tasty, if you've never tried Brussels on a pizza, you should. I was very pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. Dylan still approves of daiya, so all in all I say good job to them for working to improve their product. It only helps everyone in the end, most of all the sweet cows!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm up for brussel sproutes on pizza! LOL - They are great on top of grits too!

    1. That does sound good! I need to stock up on some grits, another one of those foods I don't eat often enough!