Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Love the WOOHOO!

I tried a few new to me things yesterday that I thought I would talk about and share the love. I was out doing some thangs, and needed to get kitty litter and food on my way home. As a side note, when you are just shy of being a crazy cat lady, it seems litter is always on the "Things I need" list. Anyway, I stopped at a store that is not one I usually go to, and as always I found a couple of new to me items that I could not resist.
Fred Meyer is the store I was at, and It's kind of like a superstore like a Super Target. As another side note, super stores super scare and super overwhelm me. Anyway, they also have a little natural, or organic section like Wegman's. So, I found these gems on sale, and after making sure they were vegan, I had to try them. I find chips made out of things other than potatoes to be interesting, and also very hit or miss. These are a HIT. Like I'm talking Michael Jackson in his heyday hit. I've become pickier about my chips since getting healthier. I am not a fan of chips that are too healthy, but I also don't enjoy super greasy snacks the way I used to. So, these strike that perfect balance. They are light and crispy in texture, with the perfect amount of salt. The main ingredients are chickpea flour, and rice flour. They are gluten free and non GMO certified. Although they are made with rice flour, they have a nice light texture, unlike rice crackers. I remember I was a nanny for a child with a gazzilion food allergies, wheat being one and those rice crackers were a common snack, and I just felt so bad for the kid. Don't even get me started on the rice flour bread. Anyway, here is their website. I am totally in love, these are my new favorite snack.
I love that Lightlife seems to be making a lot more vegan burgers and such. As a vegan, it's so easy to get discouraged, but when I see companies offering more vegan options, that tells me that there must be a higher demand for vegan food, and that is a win. This is the second flavor of vegan burger I've tried, and like the first this one gets all the thumbs up. It is a "meatier" style burger, and while not as "meaty" as say the beast burger, it's delicious in it's own right, and I would for sure serve it to a skeptical non-vegan, and watch their eyes roll back in delight.
I had my burger on a jalapeno hamburger bun! Who knew they even made those? I am a sucker for an onion bun, so I figured how could this be bad? What really helped was that the buns had a huge WooHoo! sticker on them, they were on sale for $.99!!!
They are really good, and they went perfectly with the burger. The jalapeno flavor is really mild, but it's there. I would definitely buy these buns again, even if they weren't on sale.
I would have liked to have spruced the burger up with some pickles, avocado, etc. but I got home later than usual, and I needed to eat STAT. So, here is my burger with a little lettuce, some Just Mayo, and that's it. But you know what? To me, that's the true test of a good burger. One that doesn't need a million extra's to make it tasty. If you see these burgers, give them a try. They have a black bean patty also, which I've had and it is also really delicious and satisfying.
I'm convinced that a huge amount of people really don't want to hurt or kill animals, but meat and cheese and such is INGRAINED in us from birth. At least here in 'Merica. Especially in certain parts of this country. I also think a lot of people are apathetic and want what they want. They don't want animals to be harmed, but they don't want to live a life without meat and cheese. So, all of these companies making some excellent vegan products makes me happy. It's now at the point where you can have a greasy burger, with juices flowing down your wrist, and no one has too die! Look at that burger, it looks like most fast food burgers. People are scared of vegans, and vegan food. Although many of us are not militant, and judgmental, a lot of vegans are. And some of the most militant have big voices, so we have to keep fighting the good fight, and showing non vegans that you can be kind, and have a greasy burger with some stellar mayo at the same time!!
Happy Caturday!


  1. Excellent post. That is so exciting to find the Jalapeno Buns. I think it is impressive to have fresh lettuce on hand, I just so Ketchup, Mustard and Pickles. Tomatoes during the summer. Adorable little kitty.

  2. I just had another veggie burger with sliced spicy pickles and mustard. Really hit the spot!

  3. I love jalapeno breads! I can't believe you found one without cheese! I use to love jalapeno bagels but everyone always sprinkles cheese on top!

    1. I know! I have never seen a jalapeno bread or roll without cheddar cheese! I also thought these buns would have had egg, because they are nice and soft, and have that yellowish egg look, so I was super excited to see that they were on sale and vegan!

  4. Great finds! Jalapeno Buns!? Nifty!!!!!!